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Maybe the Second Amendment should have mandated open carry. 


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Unless the American citizen is reawakened to his status as a sovereign,
he will remain extinct!

Gun control has nothing to do with gun control, nothing at all! Gun
control is dethroning the king! It is sickening having to realize that
there is no one, who knows this and much less even understands this. The
American mind is become rogue!

Just as flying is a natural condition for birds and swimming for fishes,
so being fully armed is a natural condition for the American. The Second
Amendment had made him a king, had made him a sovereign, and with that
had made him the lord of the manor, instructing the servant just hired
to be concerned with only one thing — to discharge the responsibilities
assigned to him.

But on Tuesday, October 23, 1968, the passing of the gun control act of
that year perverted the God-given right to be fully armed into a
permission, dethroned the king, and sent him into exile. Execution was
delayed for the simple reason to acclimatize the king to his exile,
because, although totally bereft of the knowledge that he was declared
to be a sovereign, the king still believes himself to free and would
have, challenged by that belief, turned to violence to reclaim his

But that was then and this is now. Now the king, the American citizen,
is asleep, empowered by total and absolute ignorance and, therefore,
ripe for the slaughter. Feinstein's gun control is nothing more than
recalling him from exile and summoning the king to ascend the scaffold
to his guillotine.


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