[Rushtalk] Total Gun Ban: Confiscation to Follow

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         Won't stop the slaughter in Chicago. 563 
people were shot to death there in 2012. Most of 
them were gang-related. Let's not do anything 
about gangs. Let's punish those who need to 
self-defend. They won't do anything about it............

At 03:46 AM 1/3/2013, Paf Dvorak wrote:

>Wednesday, January 2, 2013
>Total Gun Ban Legislation To Be Submitted: Confiscation to Follow
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>Brandon Turbeville
>State Rifle Association (ISRA) is claiming that 
>it has learned from a credible source that 
>Illinois State Senate President John Cullerton 
>plans to introduce an “assault weapons” ban on 
>Wednesday January 2nd during the course of the “lame duck” session.
>Cullerton’s apparent strategy is to ram the bill 
>through the Illinois State Congress during the 
>“lame duck” and provide the passed version to 
>Governor Quinn by Friday for signing. Quinn is, 
>of course, a 
>gun grabber.
>If the bill passes, according to the ISRA, 
>“nearly every gun you [Illinois residents] 
>currently own will be banned and will be subject 
>to confiscation by the Illinois State Police.”
>The ISRA states,
>Based on what we know about Cullerton’s bill, 
>firearms that would be banned include all 
>semiautomatic rifles, pistols, and shotguns. 
>Pump action shotguns would be banned as well. 
>This would be a very comprehensive ban that 
>would include not only so-called “assault 
>weapons” but also such classics as M1 Garands 
>and 1911-based pistols. There would be no 
>exemptions and no grandfathering. You would have 
>a very short window to turn in your guns to the 
>State Police to avoid prosecution.
>to The Truth About Guns, there will actually be 
>two bills – “one for semi-automatic rifles, 
>lever guns, shotguns and handguns with certain 
>features (e.g., threaded barrels); and one for ammunition magazine capacity.”
>The ISRA has posted five points on “What You 
>Need To Do To Save Your Guns.” They are as follows:
>    * Beginning Wednesday, call your State 
> Senator and politely tell him or her that you 
> are a law abiding firearm owner and that you 
> strongly oppose Cullerton’s gun ban. Also, be 
> sure to call your State Representative as well 
> and politely deliver the same message. If you 
> do not know who your State Representative 
> please call the Illinois State Board of Elections at
>    []
>     217-782-4141 .
>    * Forward this alert to all your gun owning 
> friends and family members. Be sure to tell 
> them to call their senators and representatives as well.
>    * Post this alert to any and all Internet 
> <http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?llr=86exi4bab&v=001mlQdTtwnjRDahckam4bGL6dLmrcKNCbZNLgEEl6KBUnBQlLIHxCUphxpEXvwPPPC1nhX2ZHMxSTTf2hDoabQvSNtfRJWjJqQNDoaQtJTIRbWK7Uaaj3EoxJPKK2_5Kp_IWLCL9NHFOltSzokIExTwEz28xSybmpk8uinZTTl120hGRiw24a6J6BuwX0GcUnY30229EXcg_CmNJT-ELjb3EUNrqz47DvzfC-m5O7txFk7znulPFofU6k_3Y9GTjpofmjM5fPXjQs%3D>bulletin 
> boards and blogs to which you belong.
>    * 
> <http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?llr=86exi4bab&v=001mlQdTtwnjRDahckam4bGL6dLmrcKNCbZNLgEEl6KBUnBQlLIHxCUphxpEXvwPPPC1nhX2ZHMxSTTf2hDoabQvSNtfRJWjJqQNDoaQtJTIRbWK7Uaaj3EoxJPKK2_5Kp_IWLCL9NHFOltSzokIExTwEz28xSybmpk8uinZTTl120hGRiw24a6J6BuwX0GcUnY30229EXcg_CmNJT-ELjb3EUNrqz47DvzfC-m5O7txFk7znulPFofU6k_3Y9GTjpofmjM5fPXjQs%3D>Join 
> or renew your membership in the ISRA. Encourage 
> your friends and family to join as well.
>    * Make a generous donation to the ISRA by 
> clicking the link below. We are in desperate 
> need of your financial support to help beat 
> back the onslaught of gun grab bills coming our way in 2013.
>In the wake of the Newtown school shooting, the 
>anti-gun agenda will undoubtedly be pressed 
>harder and harder into concrete actions against 
>the Second Amendment. The attacks on gun 
>ownership will likely be coming from all sides 
>in the coming months. Thus, while one may 
>attempt to achieve as many victories for the 
>Second Amendment as possible through the 
>legislative and political process, it should 
>always be remembered that there should be no 
>compromise and no debate when it comes to our basic rights.
>Here's more: 
>Paf Dvorak
>notmyname at thatswaytoomuch.info
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