[Rushtalk] Stupid ObombA voter looses job for disrespecting fallen heros of military

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Facebook Poster Loses Her Job

Nov 22, 2012

Boston Herald| by Jessica Heslam

Lindsey Stone of Plymouth,Mass., pretends to shout while flipping
A Plymouth, Mass., woman taking an online beating for posting a photo of
herself flipping the bird at Arlington National Cemetery on Facebook has
lost her job.

LIFE Inc. of Hyannis -- a Cape Cod nonprofit that helps adults with
special needs -- announced that Lindsey Stone, along with a co-worker
who snapped the offending photo, are no longer working there.

"Lindsey resigned and we accepted her resignation," LIFE Inc. CEO Diane
Enochs told the Herald.

Ironically, the formal announcement was made on Facebook.

"We wish to announce that the two employees recently involved in the
Arlington Cemetery incident are no longer employees of LIFE. Again, we
deeply regret any disrespect to members of the military and their
families. The incident and publicity has been very upsetting to the
learning disabled population we serve. To protect our residents, any
comments, however well-intentioned, will be deleted. We appreciate your
concern and understanding as we focus on the care of our community," the
statement reads.

Stone has been keeping a low profile and her father, Peter Stone, said
earlier he's not sure his 30-year-old daughter will be back for the
Thanksgiving holiday.

"She's not happy at all. She's just devastated," her father said. "She
had no idea that she was going to hurt anybody. It was never her

The controversial photo shows Stone giving the middle finger and
appearing to yell next to a sign that says "Silence and Respect" near
what appears to be the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

The picture was taken by one of Stone's former colleagues at LIFE Inc.
during a work trip to Washington, D.C., last month.

Stone and her pal, Jamie Schuh, were initially put on unpaid leave while
their bosses investigate. The pair apologized in a statement late
yesterday, saying they were "deeply sorry."

Stone was a case manager at LIFE. Schuh, who also could not be reached,
was a case manager supervisor.

"I was saddened and disappointed that someone would take this kind of
photo," Enochs said earlier today. She thought the photo was a "hoax" at

The photo was posted on Stone's personal Facebook page. It ended up in
the blogosphere and spurred several Facebook pages, including "Fire
Lindsey Stone," which had more than 32,500 likes tonight.

Another, "Don't Fire Lindsey Stone," had 159 likes.

An online petition supporting Stone's firing had more than 2,750
supporters today. According to an online Herald poll taken by nearly
4,000 readers, 64 percent said Stone should be canned while 35 percent
said she should not. The story also drew 300-plus comments at

"As a veteran myself, I say send her to Afghanistan for just one day to
work with and talk to an Army infantry unit," one commenter wrote. "Let
her talk to the countless parents, spouses and children who have lost
parents, brothers, sons and daughters in the wars of this great nation."

ObombA did not win erection, Trotskite RINO Mitt Romney threw the
election.  -- Rush Limbaugh
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