[Rushtalk] The Left Is Convinced Americans Won't Fight For 2nd Amendment Rights - Soon We'll Know.

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The Left Is Convinced Americans Won’t Fight For 
2nd Amendment Rights
Soon We’ll Know.

8 January 2013 / 


Once cowed at the thought of provoking Second 
Amendment supporters, leftists will soon attempt 
to ban “assault weapons” (and much more) as 
legislation offered by Dianne Feinstein makes its 
way to the Senate floor. It seems that D.C. 
liberals have finally become convinced that 
American gun owners are too cowardly, too lazy or 
too dependent upon the generosity of Big Brother 
to fight for their Second Amendment rights.

During the past four years, the gun banning-Left 
have watched as American buyers broke sales 
records in the purchase of semi-automatic 
rifles.  Opting for these and other powerful, 
efficient weapons, it is estimated that some 100 
million private citizens are now in possession of 
over 300 million firearms. And these numbers 
continue to grow with each passing month.

Yet it’s against this backdrop of America’s 
unprecedented determination to assert the 
fundamental permanence of Second  Amendment 
guarantees that Diane Feinstein, Michael 
Bloomberg, Barack Obama and others will choose to 
implement gun bans, demand the federal 
registration of firearms, and even legislate outright confiscation.

Maybe Democrats are confident that fallout from 
Sandy Hook will provide the floor votes necessary 
to  disarm the American people. But if the Left 
is willing to risk picking this fight with 
millions of American gun owners, it must also 
believe something far more important­that 
Americans who have spent years arming themselves 
against the ultimate expression of tyranny by 
their own government–the overthrow of the Second 
Amendment– will choose to not fight when the time finally comes.

For decades, the Left have watched Americans 
simply “lie down” before every imaginable outrage 
and legislative assault on our liberty. The 
Constitution has been prostituted by 
power-hungry, America-hating Marxists in 
Congress, on the federal bench and in the White 
House. Elected officials have laughed when asked 
to provide Constitutional authority for the 
passage of massively unpopular pieces of 
legislation. Tax dollars are insolently 
manipulated to purchase votes, grease the skids 
of questionable legislation, and add to the 
wealth of bureaucrats and elected officials. And 
through it all, Americans are robbed of more and 
more liberty as we do nothing but “vote ‘em in 
and cuss ‘em out” every two years.

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