[Rushtalk] The Left Is Convinced Americans Won't Fight For 2nd Amendment Rights - Soon We'll Know.

Paf Dvorak notmyname at thatswaytoomuch.info
Wed Jan 9 02:53:32 MST 2013

>>No, I agree. American’s won’t fight for the second. I have proof!
>         What you've said has merit. However, we 
> are getting backed into a corner these days. 
> The left smells "pay dirt", while the right is 
> up against it (and thoroughly SICK of it). The 
> left believes they are close enough that they 
> don't need incrementalism anymore (besides, 
> they have an anti-constitutionalist is the WH). 
> The right is fed up - guns are flying off the 
> shelves at all gun stores in all 50 states, to prove the point!

This is just the closing act of the incrementalism.

>>No laws of this magnitude are ever merely 
>>passed in America. That’s not how our masters work.
>>They use incrementalism, and the more grievous 
>>the law or ban on liberty, the slower they 
>>implement their incremental laws and rules.
>>This one has been so long in the works that the 
>>vast majority of American’s stand on the side 
>>of tyranny right now and will scream and yell 
>>against liberty in favor of authoritarianism, right now!
>>There are well over 5 million American’s who 
>>are unable and forbidden to exercise this 
>>fundamental and so-called inalienable right.
>>I read the famous quote by Martin Niemöller, 
>>“First they came for the communists
” and 
First they came for the felons and not ONE 
>>of you so-called “Patriots” have a full enough 
>>ball sack to complain. And in fact you praise 
>>your masters for keeping you safe from the 
>>scary ex-convicts who want to now walk the 
>>strait and narrow and legally own and carry arms.
>>If a man can be trusted to exist in society 
>>without a custodian, he can be trusted to keep and bear arms.
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