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November 29, 2012 
More Settled Science: Wrong about Ice Melt in Greenland, Sea-Rise

By John Ransom


New research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of
Sciences tends to now show that ice melt estimates previously calculated
for Greenland have not significantly accelerated- as has been previously
postulated- nor has the melt contributed in a meaningful way to the rise
of sea levels.

Recently, much of the destruction on the east coast as a consequence of
Super-Mega-Hurricane Sandy Gore was blamed on the rise in sea-levels,
which have been blamed on…drum roll…global warming.

The newest revelation, amongst many in the last several years that have
muffled the global warming chants of “settled science, settled science,
settled science,” confirms that the model generally used to support
climate change, global warming and/or Super-Mega-Hurricane Sandy Gore,
is neither settled nor scientific.

Global Warming theorists have advanced the notion the melt from
Greenland’s ice sheet is the prime culprit in elevated sea-levels. They
advanced this theory after their previous theory- the ice melt in
theHimalayas- was shown by the same process that has now debunked the
Greenland ice theory to have been exaggerated.

And yes, the seas have risen not withstanding Obama’s election promise
to make the seas stop rising. Presumably the Greatest Superhero
President Ever was going to use some sort of magical veto power that was
transmitted to him through his cartoon Nobel Prize Heroes to compel the
seas to stop rising. 

But back in the real world where science is based on facts, and prizes
are awarded based on real accomplishments outside of Scandinavia
and American Idol, the new report- which was generated by researchers at
Princeton University- shows that the Greenland ice melt is happening at
such a slow pace that in fact, there is no need to fret over the loss of
ice in the Land of Green.

>From the UK’s Register:

If the Greenland ice losses aren't accelerating, there's no real reason
to worry about them. According to the Princeton statement:

At current melt rates, the Greenland ice sheet would take about 13,000
years to melt completely, which would result in a global sea-level rise
of more than 21 feet (6.5 meters).

So does this mean that Obama has to serve 3,250 four-year terms as
president before he can make the seas actually stop rising?

Liberals would like to think so.

It will probably take that long just to get an Obama budget passed.

The Register says what the report really means is that sea-rise levels
from the Greenland melt will be insignificant.

“Put another way, in that scenario we would be looking at 5cm of sea
level rise from Greenland by the year 2130: a paltry amount,” writes
the Register. “Authoritative recent research drawing together all
possible causes of sea level rise bears this out, suggesting maximum
possible rise in the worst case by 2100 will be 30cm. More probably it
will be less, and there will hardly be any difference between the 20th
and 21st centuries in sea level terms.”

But that’s very much a different conclusion than was drawn over the
summer when scientists at NASA told us- gasp!- that all the ice in
Greenland was melting at once, an event that had never been recorded in
30 years of satellite imaging of the ice sheets!

Imagine ice melting in the summer. Well, I never…

Yes. Never before- um, since they started looking at it in the late
1970s- had all the ice in Greenland melted at the same time. There must
have been some union rule against it until now.

Bloggsters, like ScienceBlogs’ Greg Laden jumped on that NASA report
saying “I have always felt that sea level rise would be quicker and
higher than my colleagues in climate science have suggested.”

And he cited the report as more proof that the global-warming
apocalypse, created by the fossil fuels that made possible things like
indoor plumbing, modern medicine, sanitation and footwear not made from
bark, will destroy the hallmarks of civilization like indoor plumbing,
modern medicine, sanitation and footwear not made from bark.

But now we know that Laden was wrong.

And he’ll just have to find some other culprit for the change in the

But getting past all the scientific inquiry and theorizing based on
fantasy, not facts, is what global warming scientists do best.

It doesn’t have to be settled or science.

It just has to sell.

ObombA did not win erection, Trotskite RINO Mitt Romney threw the
election.  -- Rush Limbaugh
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