[Rushtalk] "Prison Time For Harry Reid"

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Prison Time For Harry Reid

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The documents appear to support Johnson's story that in 2010 Swallow 
brokered a deal between Johnson and Richard M. Rawle, owner of the 
Provo-based payday-loan company Check City, to enlist Rawle to use 
his influence to get Reid involved on behalf of Johnson and I Works, 
Johnson's Internet marketing company that was under investigation by 
the Federal Trade Commission.

So, isn't it interesting that Harry Reid is connected to taking a 
bribe? If this were a Republican, especially someone as positionally 
powerful as Harry Reid, the media, the libs, and the Congress at 
large would be out to destroy the man, and throw his scrawny little 
butt in Levenworth.

$600,000 in bribe money, Harry? In lots of minds that qualifies as 
"the evil rich" if you make that kind of money. Did you pay taxes on 
your bribe Harry?

<http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/18/part-I/chapter-11>18 USC 


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