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By Publius Huldah
August 28, 2012

It is the dogma of our time that proponents of 
government safety net programs hold the moral 
high ground. Accordingly, Democrats preen over 
their own "compassion"; and Republicans chime in 
that they too "believe in safety net programs". 
But safety net programs are unconstitutional and 
immoral. They are unconstitutional because 
"charity" is not one of the enumerated powers of 
the federal 
They are immoral because they are based on a 
fabricated system of man-made anti-rights which negate the Rights God gave us.

The Origin of Rights and the Purpose of Civil Government
The Declaration of Independence sets forth the 
Principles which were fleshed out - more or less 
perfectly - in Our Constitution. The key is the 2nd paragraph, which begins:
"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that 
all men are created equal, that they are endowed 
by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, 
that among these are Life, Liberty and the 
pursuit of Happiness. - That to secure these 
rights, Governments are instituted among Men, 
deriving their just powers from the consent of 
the governed, - That whenever any Form of 
Government becomes destructive of these ends, it 
is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it
" [emphasis added]

The Bible shows that God gave us a great many 
rights such as to earn, keep, and inherit private 
property; to defend ourselves; to worship God; 
and to live our lives free from meddling and 
interference as long as we observe the God-given 
Rights of others. But men are not angels. Evil 
men seek to take God given Rights away from 
others. Evil men seek to exercise power over 
others. That is why we need civil government - to 
restrain the wicked. Without civil government, we 
would be in anarchy, always defending ourselves 
from those who seek to do whatever they want with 
our lives, liberties, persons, and 
So! Rights come from God, and the purpose of 
civil government is to secure the rights God gave us.

Political Power is from The People!
Our Constitution was based on the radical 
Principle that The People are the original source 
of political power. Throughout history, political 
power has been seen to originate with the King. 
This is powerfully illustrated by King John I in 
the movie "Robin Hood" with Russell Crowe and 
Cate Blanchet. King John saw his Will as "law", 
and the People as "subjects" to his Will. But in 
this Country, WE THE PEOPLE ordained and 
established the Constitution and created a 
federal government. And the federal government We 
created was subject to us. The Preamble to our 
Constitution, "WE THE PEOPLE of the United 
States", is our assertion that We are the source 
of political power, and We are the creators of 
the federal 

Federalism & Enumerated Powers
We created a "federal" government. A "federal" 
government is an alliance of Sovereign and 
Independent States associated together in a 
federation with a general or national government 
to which is delegated supremacy over the States 
in specifically defined areas only. In 
Paper No. 45 (9th para), James Madison, Father of 
our Constitution, explains the separate spheres 
of operation of the federal and State 
governments. Only a few enumerated powers are 
delegated to the federal government - all other 
powers are reserved by the States:
"The powers delegated by the proposed 
Constitution to the federal government are few 
and defined. Those which are to remain in the 
State governments are numerous and indefinite. 
The former will be exercised principally on 
external objects, as war, peace, negotiation, and 
foreign commerce 
 the powers reserved to the 
several States will extend to all the objects 
 concern the lives, liberties, and 
properties of the people, and the internal order 
and prosperity of the State."

So! What are these specifically defined areas 
where We delegated to our "creature" - the 
federal government - authority over the States? 
We listed in the Constitution every power We 
delegated to each branch of the federal 
government. These are the "enumerated" 
It is ONLY with respect to these enumerated 
powers - those listed in the Constitution - that 
the federal government has lawful authority over 
the Country at 
    * Does the federal government have authority 
to issue patents & copyrights? Yes! How do we 
know? Because Art. I, Sec. 8, cl. 8 delegates this power to Congress.
    * Does the federal government have authority 
to institute social security, food stamps, 
Medicare, aid to families with dependent 
children, and obamacare? No! How do we know? 
Because these are not listed among the enumerated 
powers delegated to Congress.
Internationally, Congress and the President have 
authority to conduct war & national defense (Art 
I, Sec. 8, cl. 11-16 & Art II, Sec. 2, cl 1); and 
the President and the Senate have authority to 
make treaties respecting trade, commerce, and 
diplomatic relations (Art II, Sec. 2, cl 2). 
lawful objects of treaties are restricted to the 
enumerated powers. Accordingly, the President and 
the Senate may not lawfully enter into the UN 
Arms Trade Treaty because the Constitution does 
not permit the federal government to restrict 
firearms; and further, the 2nd Amendment 
prohibits the federal government from infringing 
our pre-existing Right to bear 
Domestically: Congress has authority to make laws 
respecting a uniform commercial system: 
Specifically, uniform weights & measures, a money 
system based on gold & silver where CONGRESS (not 
private bankers such as the fed) regulates the 
value of money, issue patents & copyrights, make 
bankruptcy laws, establish post offices and build 
some roads (Art I, Sec. 8, cl. 4-8). The 
President's duty is to implement the foregoing 
(Art. II, Sec. 3). Congress may make, and the 
President is to enforce, laws respecting who may 
become a naturalized citizen and the procedures 
for naturalization (Art I, Sec 8, cl. 4). The 
Congress to make criminal laws respecting 
counterfeiting, treason, accepting bribes, and 
piracy & other felonies committed on the high 
seas. Congress may make those few criminal laws 
which are "necessary & proper" to carry out 
enumerated powers, such as making it a crime to 
file false claims in federal bankruptcy courts, 
and to lie under oath in federal 
Congress has authority to levy taxes and borrow 
money and appropriate funds (Art I, Sec. 8, cls 
1,2 & Sec 9, cl 7), but ONLY for purposes 
authorized by the Constitution. So! Congress may 
levy taxes to fund the military, to pay the 
salaries of the people in the patent & copyright 
office and other constitutionally authorized 
offices, and to carry out other delegated powers.
    * May Congress lawfully create, and 
appropriate funds to, the federal Departments of 
Education, Health & Human Services, and 
Agriculture? No! Because these are not constitutionally authorized offices!
    * May Congress levy taxes to implement 
obamacare? No! 
the Constitution does not delegate power over 
medical care to the federal government! 
With the 13th, 14th & 15th Amendments, the defect 
in our Constitution permitting slavery was 
corrected, and Congress was delegated authority 
to make laws enforcing the 
We created federal courts and strictly limited 
their jurisdiction. The kinds of cases We permit 
federal courts to hear are itemized at Art. III, 
Sec. 2, cl. 
So! This is basically all We gave the federal 
government authority to do for the Country at 
large. In all other matters, the States - the 
Members of the Federation - are sovereign and 
independent. So "federalism" refers to the form 
of the government We created in our Constitution 
- a "federation" of Member States united for 
limited and enumerated purposes only; with all 
other powers being retained by the States and The People.

How the federal & State Governments are to go 
about Securing our God-given Rights
It is not the federal government's job to secure 
all our God given Rights, just those appropriate 
for a "federal" government. Other rights are secured by the States.

How the God-given Right to Life is Secured:
The federal government is to secure our right to 
life by military defense (Art. I, Sec. 8, cl. 
11-16); by protecting us from invasion (Art IV, 
Sec. 4); by prosecuting traitors (Art III, Sec. 
3); and by laws against piracy and other felonies 
committed on the high seas (Art. I, Sec. 8, cl. 
10). The States reserved the powers to secure our 
right to life by prosecuting murderers, outlawing 
abortion, euthanasia, drunk driving, the selling 
of harmful substances to minors, and imposing 
quarantines for dangerous contagious diseases. 
States may have pure food and drug laws. States 
or local governments may outlaw conditions such 
as old tires lying around which breed mosquitos, 
which cause disease. States also once secured our 
right to life by means of "support laws" which 
required family members to care for their own! 
Fathers were to provide for their minor children! 
Adult children for their elderly parents. The 
Bible requires family members to care for their 
own - and State laws used to implement this Godly Principle.
    * But in our brave new world, people are no 
longer obligated to support dependent family 
members - everyone just goes on a government 
program. That is what Aid to Families with 
Dependent Children, Social Security, Medicare, 
Medicaid, obamacare, are about - relieving people 
of their Responsibilities imposed by God to 
themselves and to their own families.
    * Such programs also increase the size and 
power of the federal government. That's how we 
got the Frankensteinian monster it is today.

Securing the God-given Right to Property:
The federal government is to secure our property 
rights by requiring an honest money system based 
on gold & silver, and by establishing uniform and 
honest weights & measures (Art I, Sec. 8, cl 5). 
Inflation by means of paper currency and 
fractional reserve lending is theft; so honest 
money must be based on precious metals. Honest 
money and honest weights & measures are called 
for in the Bible. The federal government is to 
secure our property rights by punishing 
counterfeiters (Art I, Sec. 8, cl 6). The federal 
government is to secure our property rights by 
providing for bankruptcy courts. This permits the 
orderly dissolution of debtors' estates with fair 
treatment of creditors; or the reorganization of 
financially troubled businesses for the benefit 
of all (Art I, Sec 8, cl 4). And the federal 
government is to secure our property rights by 
issuing patents & copyrights to inventors and 
writers to recognize their ownership of their 
intellectual labors (Art I, Sec 8, cl 8). The 
States are to secure our property rights by 
prosecuting robbers, penalizing negligence, 
fraud, breach of contract and slander. States and 
local governments may impose burning bans when 
dry weather makes outdoor burning dangerous. 
Local governments may make ordinances requiring 
people to maintain their properties so as not to deflate housing values.

Securing the God-given Right to Liberty:
The federal government secures our right to 
liberty by laws against slavery (13th Amendment). 
But the federal government secures our God-given 
right to liberty primarily by obeying the 
Constitution! The reason our Constitution so 
strictly limits and enumerates the powers of the 
federal government is to secure our basic right 
to be left alone to live our own lives free from 
meddlesome and interfering do-gooders, tyrants, 
and bullies. The States secure our right to 
liberty by laws against kidnapping, false 
imprisonment; and by prosecuting rapists, molesters, and muggers.

Securing the God-given Right to Pursue our Own Happiness:
The federal, State, and local governments secure 
this right by not meddling in our lives! We have 
the right to live our own lives free from 
interference as long as we do not deprive other 
people of their God-given rights.

Securing the God-given right to a Fair Trial:
The Bible requires civil governments to give fair 
trials - to citizens and aliens alike. See, e.g., 
Dt. 1:16-17, Dt. 19:15-20 & Mt. 18:16; Ex 18:13-26; don't bear false witness.

Outlawing the Hereditary Class System:
And Remember! We are all equal before the Law - 
we all stand on equal footing before God and are 
supposed to stand on equal footing in human 
courts. So our Framers outlawed hereditary 
aristocracy with its class system: Art I, Sec 9, 
last clause & Art I, Sec. 10, cl 1 prohibit the 
federal government and the States from granting 
Titles of Nobility.   So! Do you see? The only 
proper function of civil governments is to secure 
the Rights God gave us - and this is how it was 
to be done. And note something else about God 
given rights: They don't put us in conflict with 
each other. When all civil governments do is 
secure our God given rights - protect us from 
foreign invaders and domestic criminals and 
tortfeasers - the People can live together in 
peace. So THIS is the gift our Framers gave us in 
1787 when they drafted our Constitution. But for 
the last 100 years, we have been letting this gift slip thru our fingers.

What Happened?
Why is our Country coming apart? Why is everybody 
at everybody else's throat? Why is our financial 
system collapsing? Why has our Country turned 
into a moral cesspool? Because we forgot the 
Principle set forth in our Declaration that the 
purpose of civil government is to secure our 
God-given rights - by protecting us from those 
who seek to take these rights away from us. And 
we were seduced into believing that civil government should
    * Provide for our needs; and
    * Protect us from the risks and uncertainties of Life.
But these beliefs are Evil and Destructive. They 
destroy Countries and individual Human Souls.

A Government which Provides to Some, must Take from Others
HOW do governments provide for our needs? How do 
they PAY for the safety net programs progressive 
Democrats and Republicans love so much? They take 
money from some people by force and give it to 
other people! At the beginning, the money was 
taken from those who paid taxes. When that pot of 
money wasn't sufficient, the governments borrowed 
money to fund the welfare programs. Now, they 
can't borrow enough, so the federal government 
devised new methods of creating massive debt to 
be shoved on the backs of our grandchildren and 
great grandchildren. This is stealing. The 
federal government takes money which doesn't 
belong to them - they create massive debt to be 
paid back by future generations - and they give 
it to people who have their hands out - in 
exchange for their political support. All these 
"safety net" programs: social security, Medicare, 
Medicaid, food stamps, aid to families with 
dependent children, free day care, head start, 
forcing hospital ERs to provide free medical 
care, unemployment compensation, and the like, 
are all based on taking money from some people 
(born and unborn) by force and giving it to 
others. On the State level, we are told that a 
free public school education K - 12 is a 
fundamental "right". So property owners are taxed 
heavily to pay for the public schools which have 
churned out generations of Americans who know 
nothing and can't think but have been 
indoctrinated into a secular statist worldview. 
Meanwhile, teachers' unions and purple-shirted 
SEIU thugs are screaming for more benefits to be 
paid into their bloated pockets by taxpayers who 
make less money than the union thugs! The welfare 
state isn't based on "compassion". The welfare 
state is based on Envy, Coercion & Theft. THIS is 
what has set us at each other's throats: The 
misuse of governments to rob some of the People 
for the benefit of favored groups - the public 
and private sector unions, businesses owned by 
Obama fundraisers, and welfare parasites. Senior 
citizens were once a favored group, but Seniors 
will be phased out via Obama's death panels. The 
welfare state with its "safety nets" negates 
God's Gift of Liberty, and it violates God's Laws 
protecting private property, prohibiting theft, 
and condemning envy. And when a culture is based 
on Envy, Coercion and Theft, as ours now is, it 
is impossible for The People to live in peace with one another.

Living in a Cocoon? Or as Free and Independent Manly Men and Womanly Women?
We were also seduced into believing that the 
federal government should protect us from the 
risks and uncertainties of Life. And so the 
federal government regulates and controls all 
human activity. Under obamacare, bureaucrats in 
the federal Department of Health & Human Services 
will control access to medical care! Education is 
regulated. OSHA regulates work conditions. EPA 
regulates the air and the water and "emissions". 
The federal government oversees the wages we pay 
and get - all arrangements between employers and 
employees; all human activity is regulated and 
controlled and taxed. Obama's model is the Life 
of Julia: a single mother dependent on the 
federal government throughout her life who lives 
in a cocoon woven around her by the federal 
government and paid for - by others. The price of 
the cocoon is personal liberty and dignity. We 
exchanged our glorious heritage for a bowl of 
porridge. The test for us is this: Have we become 
so dependent on handouts, and are we so 
indifferent to the fate of our grandchildren, 
that we refuse to stand up to the federal 
government and tell them all to go to hell?

The Progressives and the Regulatory Federal Government
This Country was made great by our Forefathers 
who valued freedom so much that they left their 
homeland on a dangerous voyage to come here where 
there was no job, no home, no "safety net", no 
nothing but God, wilderness, Liberty, and 
Opportunity. Our Forefathers came to this Country 
without health insurance! Without disability 
benefits! Without retirement pensions! What 
happened to bring us where we are today - on the 
brink of social, moral, and financial collapse? 
During the late 1880s, Progressivism with its 
meddlesome and unconstitutional policies arose. 
The Progressives were going to "fix" everything 
and "fix" everybody by "regulating" everything 
and everybody. They would get "experts" to run 
everything and manage everybody and tell them 
what to do. The Progressives did many bad things 
- I'll just mention a few: The federal government 
started regulating railroads. Congress passed 
anti-trust legislation and created the federal 
Food and Drug Administration. In 1913, the 16th & 
17th Amendments were ratified. The Federal 
Reserve Act was passed in 1913. Prohibition - the 
18th Amendment - was ratified in 1919. God says 
we may drink alcohol; but Progressives didn't 
agree with that and so banned it. Federal funding 
for maternity and child care started. We moved to 
the present unconstitutional system of 
Presidential primaries, and abandoned the 
procedures for electing Presidents set forth in 
the 12th Amendment (ratified 1804). So it was the 
Progressives - and Teddy Roosevelt was the first 
Progressive President - who initiated our 
abandonment of 
Model for Civil Government, our abandonment of 
our Constitution, and our descent into the 
cesspool of Envy, Coercion, Theft, and 
Dependency. The Social Security Act was passed in 
the mid-1930's, and Medicare in the mid-1960s.

Man-made "Anti-rights"

So today, we are laboring under the ridiculous 
notion that we have a whole host of "rights" to 
stuff which is paid for by other people: the 
"right" to a free public school education; the 
"right" to a fair wage, paid vacations, maternity 
leave, and equal pay for equal work; the "right" 
to an income for when you are old, unemployed, 
sick, disabled, or whatever; a "right" to a 
"decent" standard of living including "adequate" 
food, clothing, housing, medical care, and other 
social services. And let us not forget the 
"right" to free cell phones, the "right" to free 
birth control, and the "right" to free abortions 
and abortifacts! What's wrong with all these 
"rights"? What they all have in common is a 
claimed "right" to live at other peoples' 
expense. They elevate parasitism into a "right". 
All these handouts must all be paid for by 
someone. And unless other people pay for these 
freebies voluntarily, the money must be taken 
from them BY FORCE. So it turns some of us and 
our grandchildren and great grandchildren into 
plucked geese. That is why the welfare State is 
evil, immoral, and rotten to the core. And it is 
operated by politicians who seek only more and 
more power for themselves. THIS is why we are all 
at each other's throats. The people who are 
getting the handouts want more! The people who 
have been paying are sick of paying for the 
welfare parasites who sit at home watching their 
big screen TVs eating junk food - all of which is 
paid for by those who work, along with those who 
haven't even been born. God NEVER gave us the 
"right" to demand that other people be forced to 
pay our living expenses and give us free stuff - 
cell phones and abortion pills! God NEVER gave us 
the "right" to force others to subsidize our own 
failures, vices, weaknesses, or irresponsibility. 
Two of the 10 Commandments deal with the sanctity 
of other peoples' property. Not only are we 
forbidden to steal other peoples' stuff, we are forbidden to covet it.


Throughout the Bible, God's Laws uphold the 
sanctity of private property. So! All these 
man-made Anti-rights negate the God-given Rights 
because they steal our Property and our Liberty. 
The welfare State - socialism - communism - 
fascism -obama's blather about "redistribution" 
and "fairness" are evil and immoral because they 
are based on a violation of God's Laws granting 
us Liberty, upholding the sanctity of private 
property, and condemning envy and theft.

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What Should We Do?

We must repent. We must return to God, our 
Founding Principles, our Constitution. We must 
acknowledge that the present system cannot 
continue; and that everyone's favorite "safety 
net" programs - Social security and Medicare - 
have done much to destroy The Family and the 
concept of Personal Responsibility. The Bible, 
which we have spurned for a very long time, tells 
us that families are the primary "welfare" 
institution. For a very long time, families 
actually did take care of one another! Elderly 
parents died at home with their children. But 
today, people see it as the responsibility of the 
"government" to care for elderly people - to 
provide them an income and pay their medical 
expenses. And when they can no longer take of 
themselves, they are put in nursing homes where 
they die 
 alone. Social security and Medicare 
are evil - they corrupted us and destroyed our 
families. They are bankrupt and filled with 
fraud. Politicians use them as a tool to 
manipulate the gullible. Still, many of our 
Senior citizens have become dependent on these 
programs. So we must phase out these unGodly and 
unconstitutional programs in an orderly manner. 
All taxes need to be reduced dramatically so that 
people have more money to set aside for 
themselves and their own families. The Estate Tax 
should be eliminated. In the Bible, the eldest 
son got the double share of the inheritance 
because it was his prime responsibility to care 
for his aged parents. We must pull together with 
our families. We must rediscover Personal 
Responsibility! Until we were corrupted by the 
Progressives and their evil programs, we were a 
remarkable People characterized by "goodness". PH


1. Read the Constitution! "Charity" is not an 
enumerated power! James Madison said, in 
opposition to a proposal to give aid to French 
emigrants, that he could not undertake to lay his 
finger on that article in the Federal 
Constitution which granted a right to Congress of 
expending, on objects of benevolence, the money 
of their constituents. 
of Congress, House of Representatives, 3rd 
Session, Jan. 10, 1794, p. 170-171.
2. People in the federal government now do 
whatever they want with our lives, liberties, 
property and persons [TSA agents feel us up, the 
Executive Branch will control our access to 
medical care, etc.]. The federal government has 
become destructive of the purposes for which it 
was created; and since it is violating our 
Constitution, is ruling without our Consent. Hence, it is illegitimate.
3. Alexander Hamilton referred to the federal 
government as our "creature" in 
No. 33 (5th para); and Thomas Jefferson called it 
our "creature" in 
Kentucky Resolutions of 1798 
4. For a discussion of Congress' Enumerated 
Powers, go 
For the enumerated powers of the President, go 
For the enumerated powers of the federal Courts, 

5. Get a pocket copy of our Declaration of 
Independence and federal Constitution. Using 
different colors, highlight all references to 
God, the enumerated powers delegated to Congress, 
the enumerated powers delegated to the President, 
and the enumerated powers delegated to the 
federal courts. You will be amazed. Then prepare 
another highlighted copy and send it to U.S. 
Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.
6. God gave us the Right to hunt for food and to 
use arms to defend ourselves. Jesus commanded his 
disciples to sell their cloaks and buy a sword.
7. Most of the criminal laws Congress makes for 
the Country at large - all drug laws, all laws 
which pretend to restrict gun ownership, whether 
sports figures take steroids, etc., etc., etc., 
are unconstitutional as outside the scope of the 
powers delegated to Congress in the Constitution.
8. What is so appalling about John Roberts' 
opinion in the obamacare case is that Roberts in 
effect says that Congress may tax for any purpose 
whatsoever. 9. The purpose of the 14th Amendment 
was to protect freed slaves from Southern Black 
Codes which denied them basic God-given Rights. 
But the 
Amendment has been perverted by judges on the 
supreme Court to create a "right" to kill unborn 
babies, a "right" to engage in homosexual sodomy, 
and probably, a soon to be created "right" to 
homosexual marriage. Do you see? Human judges 
claim the power to create "rights." And note how 
these judicially fabricated "rights" are contrary to God's Laws.
10. Many of the cases federal courts decide are 
outside their constitutional authority to hear: 
They have no authority to review STATE Laws and 
STATE Constitutional provisions respecting prayer 
in schools, posting of the Ten Commandments in 
public places, abortion, homosexual acts, and 
homosexual marriage. The supreme Court has long 
been seizing powers which Art. III, Sec. 2, cl. 
1, doesn't delegate to them. Those judges should 
be impeached, tried, convicted, kicked off the 
bench, and prohibited from ever again holding 
federal office (Art I, Sec. 3, last clause, & 
No. 81, 8th para). PH.

© 2012 Publius Huldah - All Rights Reserved




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Publius Huldah is a retired attorney who now 
lives in Tennessee. Before getting a law degree, 
she got a degree in philosophy where she 
specialized in political philosophy and 
epistemology (theories of knowledge). She now 
writes extensively on the U.S. Constitution, 
using the Federalist Papers to prove its original 
meaning and intent. She also shows how federal 
judges and politicians have ignored Our 
Constitution and replaced it with their personal opinions and beliefs.

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