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Dennis Putnam dap1 at bellsouth.net
Sat Jan 26 15:02:39 MST 2013

Wong. All they did was cut power.

On 1/26/2013 4:23 PM, John A. Quayle wrote:
> At 07:51 AM 1/26/2013, Dennis Putnam wrote:
>> Why are people perpetuating this myth? The smart meters can do
>> nothing but monitor usage and in some cases shut off all power. They
>> can otherwise not do anything to effect thermostats or any other
>> appliance.
>          */They did in Baltimore in July, 2011. A few people died from
> the heat............
> /*
>> On 1/25/2013 11:07 PM, John A. Quayle wrote:
>>>   *Fascist City Arrests Two Moms for Opposing 'Smart Meters' in Homes*
>>> posted on January 25, 2013
>>> <http://godfatherpolitics.com/9154/city-arrests-two-moms-for-opposing-smart-meters-in-homes/>
>>> by Tad Cronn <http://godfatherpolitics.com/author/tadcronn/>
>>> 362
>>> <http://godfatherpolitics.com/9154/city-arrests-two-moms-for-opposing-smart-meters-in-homes/#disqus_thread>
>>> UN
>>> <http://godfatherpolitics.com/9154/city-arrests-two-moms-for-opposing-smart-meters-in-homes/>
>>> <http://godfatherpolitics.com/9154/city-arrests-two-moms-for-opposing-smart-meters-in-homes/>Two
>>> Naperville, Illinois, mothers found out what happens to Americans
>>> who think they can determine for themselves what is in their best
>>> interests.
>>> Malia "Kim" Bendis and Jennifer Stahl were arrested when the city
>>> sent around armed police officers to escort power company
>>> technicians to install "smart meters" on private homes where owners
>>> had previously refused to allow the devices.
>>> Both Stahl and Bendis are leaders of a group called Naperville Smart
>>> Meter Awareness which opposes the smart meters for, as the Chicago
>>> Tribune put it, "health, security and privacy" concerns. The group
>>> is suing the city over the installations which have already occurred
>>> in over 57,000 homes.
>>> The city says the wireless meters will make electricity more
>>> reliable, more efficient and cheaper. Its installation project is 99
>>> percent complete, according to city officials, except for a few
>>> holdouts like Stahl and Bendis.
>>> Smart meters have been installed in homes across the nation under
>>> the same pretexts. The truth about smart meters is less innocent
>>> than government at all levels has let on. The devices were conceived
>>> and designed as part of the broader environmental program that has
>>> been adopted under Agenda 21.
>>> There are several health concerns about the wireless meters,
>>> including exposure to radiation and electromagnetic fields. Some
>>> people are apparently sensitive enough that they can hear a
>>> high-pitched buzz or hum from the meters. Health problems that have
>>> been documented after installation of the meters have included
>>> headaches, insomnia, increased irritability, inability to
>>> concentrate, memory problems, dizziness, fatigue, vision problems,
>>> nose bleeds, nausea, heart arrhythmia and a whole list of other
>>> ailments that some doctors have linked to interference with the
>>> human body's nervous system.
>>> As bad as all that is, however, the most urgent reason to oppose
>>> smart meters is because they are fascism in a box. The touted
>>> efficiency and reliability increases of the meters arise because the
>>> meters patch a home into a computerized network that allows faceless
>>> technocrats at some faraway power facility to determine if you are
>>> using too much electricity and control the utilities and even
>>> appliances in your home. With smart meters, the utility company can
>>> turn down or cut off the flow of electricity to your house, adjust
>>> your thermostat without your knowledge and monitor your usage in
>>> real time. If you have modern computerized appliances, they can
>>> control your washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator, even
>>> your coffeemaker.
>>> Stahl said utility workers ignored a posted sign refusing to allow a
>>> smart meter, cut a lock on her gate and forced entry into her
>>> backyard. When she stood in front of her meter and refused to move,
>>> the police stepped in and arrested her. Bendis declined to speak to
>>> reporters on advice of her attorney.
>>> "It was forced on my house today," Stahl said. "It was really a
>>> violation. I violated something, but I've been violated too, so I
>>> guess we're now in a society of violating one another."
>>> She said her group represents other homeowners who were not allowed
>>> to refuse the smart meter installation.
>>> The city offers a wired version of the meters but forces recipients
>>> to pay a $70 fee for installation and an additional $25 per month.
>>> City Manager Doug Krieger defended the arrests, saying that police
>>> were simply protecting utility workers at homes where owners had
>>> resisted previous attempts at installation. He said, "The city has
>>> always had and maintains the right to access our equipment, and
>>> today we were simply exercising that right."
>>> Protecting Americans' rights, on the other hand, apparently isn't in
>>> the plan.
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