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Actually, given the present state of technology, the 4th should be extended to this form of storage.  If original intent is applied, the concept would trump a "national security" interest, as there are better ways to keep track of real trouble makers.  I give you the Boston Marathon bombers who were handed to the feds on a silver platter by the Russians, and the feds ignored it.  Same thing for the Ft. Hood shooter, who had been carrying on a long term correspondence with a terrorist leader in Yemen.  Again, ignored.  

They should concentrate on who is in touch with the trouble makers instead of the ordinary citizen going about his or her legal business.  Which, is none of the government's business. 


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I agree with Carl.  I don't use cloud storage.  In fact, I like to refer to it as clown storage.

Or NSA / FBI friendly storage no court orders needed or 4Th Amendment protections. 

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