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Amb. Chris Stevens' Benghazi 

Journal to Be Published
                                            By:Melanie Batley



The complete journal of former U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, one of
four Americans killed during the Sept. 11 terrorist attack last year on
the American compound in Benghazi, Libya, will be published in its
entirety for the first time on Wednesday. 

Brandon Webb, editor-in-chief of SOFREP, the news site covering U.S. and
Coalition special operations news, has decided to publish the journal,
which details the ambassador's final days, for the value it may add in
understanding the factors that led to the attack.

"Some will be shocked that we'd post U.S. Ambassador Stevens' journal.
However, we'd like to point out that this is not a classified diary;
it's a professional journal kept by an employee of the U.S. government.
Any personal thoughts not related to Stevens' official duties have been
redacted out of respect for the late ambassador, and his family," Webb,
a former Navy SEAL and author of the best-selling book "Benghazi: The
Definitive Report," told Newsmax Tuesday in an email.

CNN found the diary in the days following the attack, but didn't publish
it in full at the time. 

But, Webb said, his website "made a [conscious] decision to post the
diary because the professional journal has clear journalistic value" and
contains important information, which he charged is related "to a clear
and intentional cover up" by the Obama administration. 

"Our bias in all of this is to shed light on the truth with regards to
the Benghazi attack," he added.

According to Webb, the diary reveals the ambassador's private concerns
about the worsening security situation in the region. For example, on
Sept. 6, Stevens wrote about the transition of authority that had
occurred in the aftermath of the Libyan Civil War. 

"Militias the prime power on the ground. Weak state security
institutions. As a result, dicey conditions," Stevens wrote, adding,
"Islamist 'hit list' in Benghazi. Me targeted . . . "

On Sept. 10, Stevens returned to Benghazi and wrote in his journal the
following day, "It is so nice to be back in Benghazi." He made mention
of a number of meetings he had that day, including one with Ali Akin,
the Turkish consul general who is thought to have been involved with
weapons trafficking from Libyan stockpiles to rebels in Syria. 

Stevens' final diary entry on Sept. 11 provides an eerie foreshadowing
of the attack: "Never ending security threats," he wrote.

"Ambassador Stevens knew full well how dangerous Benghazi was, but he
never could have seen the retaliation coming in response to Special
Operations strikes that he was unaware of in such a short time on the
ground," Webb said in his email.

"Think this doesn't happen? The Department of defense no longer has to
notify the CIA or State Department about many of its activities," he

He said given the tenuous situation in Benghazi, he said the U.S. should
have been prepared for anything, and should have been aware that
something was about to happen. 

"We should have known," he said. "We should have taken proper
precautions before the attack ever happened to ensure that American
forces were prepared to respond on the anniversary of 9/11." 

Webb said Benghazi is important because it highlights a failed U.S.
foreign policy strategy.

"It's time for new leadership at the Department of State, and in
Washington. We need new leaders with integrity, ones who are not afraid
to admit their mistakes and will hold themselves and their subordinates'
accountable," he said. 

"For now all we are left with is the haunting words of a former US
Ambassador, 'Never ending security threats . . . '"

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