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Paf Dvorak notmyname at thatswaytoomuch.info
Wed Jul 17 00:47:50 MDT 2013

I have a friend who is a cigar aficionado but he has to quit for his health.
He's asked me to try to sell his remaining stock of cigars for him.
The taxes have all been paid and this is a private sale.
I do so wish I knew more about cigars and could give a better 
description of these, but I'll put up pictures on a website tomorrow 
and post the list here below.
I'll put the list up on the website too and maybe I'll be able to get 
it a little straighter (I'm using the wrong computer for all that right now.)
They're all $8.00 each (except the cigarellos) and you make a decent 
sized order I'll throw some cigarellos in. If you take 'em all, I'll 
throw in all the cigarellos.
And if you buy more than 5 (six or more) I'll pay the postage in the US.
They've all been kept in a humidor and are in one now.
There's a bunch of folks in the Bcc: and one is Mr. Limbaugh, so 
y'all best jump on these quick-like!

Olde World Reserve Rocky Patel       3
A. Fuenta Gran Reserva                     1
Flor Fina 8-5-8
A. Fuenta Rosado Gran Reserva        1
A. Fuenta Gran Reserva w/wood       2
Ashton Heritage Puro Sol                  3
Cohiba (cigarillo)                             2
Cohiba (cigarillo)                             2
Oliva (cigarillo)                                9
Oliva Serie G                                      1
Saint Luis Rey Reserva Especial (toro)  7
Ashton                                                      9
Romeo y Julieta 1875 Reserve (toro)       9
Romeo y Julieta (churchill)                     24
Romeo y Julieta (Robusto)                      1
Punch Imported (5 x 40)                        9
Casa Blanca "A" Handmade (cigarillo)  12
Rocky Patel Sun Grown (6.5 x 52) (toro)    4
Thunder by Nimish 62                               7
Perdomo Lot 23Taba Calera (Dark wrapper)  11
Perdomo Lot 23Taba Calera (Light wrapper)  9
H.Upmann 1844 (magnum)                              8
Vega Fina Hecho Amano (toro)                       6
La Sirena (King Po)                                        4
Fabrica DeTobacos Gispert (toro)                  6
San Cristobal Elegancia                                 1
CAO (cigarello)                                             1
Paf Dvorak

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