[Rushtalk] A Touch of Class no democrat since JFK has shown

Carl Spitzer winblows at lavabit.com
Tue Jul 23 00:19:52 MDT 2013

Class cannot be bought, sold, or acquired through high profile jobs.
When you have it, YOU HAVE IT!!!!!


When I first saw this I thought the girl was one of his daughters. 


Check this out:






Green and white shirt, black tee shirt, gray pants and tennis shoes.


How many people know that President Bush  hosts a few Wounded Warriors
at his ranch 10 weekends every year?  Every year!  


Not what you expect to see!  Dancing with a "Wounded Warrior" she has
lost a leg but still dances.


I guarantee we will NEVER see a story or picture like this from NBC,
CBS, ABC, The New York Times, The Washington Post.


Michelle, Tthe Kids, and Mom go on vacation 14 weekends a year





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