[Rushtalk] Abortionist for the Prosecution - Abortion....the mass murder of the unborn so well loved by Democrats

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Tue Jul 23 00:30:59 MDT 2013


Dear Fred, 

40,000 babies. 

That’s the number of babies Charles Benjamin admits to aborting in his
30 years of being in the “pregnancy termination“ business. 

The aborticideist divulged this sobering fact to a hushed courtroom as a
witness for the prosecution during the recent trial of his peer,
aborticideist Kermit Gosnell. 

40,000 babies! The sheer number is staggering, but in reality that’s
probably on the low end. Many aborticideists churn out an aborticide in
less than 10 minutes, and roll straight from one to the next. The myth
of a good aborticideist versus a bad aborticideist defies logic. 

And this is just one man. If his partner keeps pace that means 80,000
little babies have been suctioned, burned with caustic chemicals or
starved to death in the solitude of their mother’s womb. 

Yet when Benjamin revealed this amount the media shrugged and looked
away, apparently because he left no blood on the floor or babies bodies
in his refrigerator. 

But as sordid and shocking as Gosnell’s dirty aborticide mill was, it’s
results are just the same in Benjamin’s squeaky clean private office –
dead babies. 

Princeton law professor Robert P George puts it succinctly: 

        “(The current law’s) incoherence and indefensibility have been
        laid bare by the prosecution of Dr. Gosnell. Whatever now
        happens to him, it will no longer be possible to pretend that
        aborticide and infanticide are radically different acts or

The baby in the womb is a living human being. Sadly, more than 4,200
babies will lose their lives today. 

And no matter whether an aborticideist is considered “high quality” or
“low class”, the outcome is still the same; there is no denying that

And it is why you and I must never give up the fight. 

For Life, 

Martin Fox, President 
National Pro-Life Alliance 

P.S. Click HERE to sign your Life at Conception Act petition to your
Congressman and Senators to help force a roll call vote to ultimately
overturn Roe v. Wade.  

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