[Rushtalk] Is This Even *LEGAL*?

John A. Quayle blueoval57 at verizon.net
Fri Jul 26 20:52:16 MDT 2013

At 07:48 PM 7/26/2013, Paf Dvorak wrote:
>At 01:53 PM 7/26/2013 -0700, Steven Laib wrote:
>>In my understanding it isn't legal, but it will take action by the 
>>people arrested to get this application of law thrown out.  Texas 
>>is the last place I would expect things like this to happen, but 
>>the cities here have a crazy core.  Only the countryside is really 
>>true Texan now.
>The article says, "the ordinance would make it impossible for any 
>good conservative Bible believing person, minister, church leader or 
>lay person, to work for the city or run for any city office 
>including the city council."
>Why would any good conservative Bible believing person want to work 
>for Babylon anyway?

         Fair question......however, it is prudent to keep one's 
friends close and one's enemies even closer!

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