[Rushtalk] Frightening new reason to fear police

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This has been going on for more years than WND is covering.  I was aware of such incidents by the IRS back in the early 1990's.  It is just another step in promoting the federalization of emergency services and the police state.  

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>I think that the direction the police are taking is obvious.  They are not our ally.
         More and more, they are in it for themselves.............

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>Frightening new reason to fear police 
>Local police agencies like to claim they're there "to protect and serve." 
>But this disturbing new trend is prompting many Americans to actually fear their own cops. 
>We've got an in-depth report, plus another BIG LIST of unsettling cases you can check for yourself ... 
>Read the latest now on WND.com. 
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