[Rushtalk] Happy Death-by-Government Day!

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I can see some value in what you write, but what gives us the right to force
our views on others?  The simplest word for that is bullying.  "You're going
to do it our way because we are big enough to make you."  As far as oil:
you have it, we want it, we have a right to it, we'll take it.  Are we
"free" to do that?  I wonder.


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My general observation about these types of debates is we tend to get myopic
about the U.S. role and forget others had more to do with it than our govt.

Big picture is the war was going on years before LBJ and McNamara escalated
our involvement. Hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese and millions of
Cambodians continued to die long after Kissinger and Lee DucTho won the
Nobel Prize for Wishful Thinking. 

The South suffered higher civilian casualties because the Soviets and China
helped Uncle Ho export more war to the south than we took to the North. The
South suffered another 6 digit civilian toll after the war. Cambodia and
Laos also. Pol Pot was responsible for a 7 digit death toll....etc..etc...
but somehow it as always about us.

So then you agree that the Vietnam war had absolutely nothing to do with
preserving our freedoms?

Not at all.  The answer is as simple as defining where "our" freedom begins
or ends?      Does someone have to be knocking on your door and directly
threatening your freedom before it matters to you?  Korea and Vietnam seem
far removed,  but how about threats  to democracy here in our hemisphere?
Say Cuba or Nicaragua close?   OK if freedom or democracy dies in places x
miles away?

How about threats to the oil supply that drives western economies?  Is
economic freedom worth defending?  OK with you if despots destabilized the
world economy because they aren't happy with the billons they have? 

If you want to be free to bend over an oil barrel or go to work in buildings
that blow up that is your choice, not mine.



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