[Rushtalk] Happy Death-by-Government Day!

Stephen A. Frye s.frye at verizon.net
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I don’t think we get myopic.  I think we’re damned arrogant.


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I can see some value in what you write, but what gives us the right to force our views on others?  The simplest word for that is bullying.  “You’re going to do it our way because we are big enough to make you.”  As far as oil:  you have it, we want it, we have a right to it, we’ll take it.  Are we “free” to do that?  I wonder.



In the case of Vietnam same can be asked of what right China and USSR had to force communism on southeast asia.  What right did Saddam have to take over Kuwaiti oil and threaten the Saudi fields?   As I said a few posts ago, we tend to get myopic about our role in events.




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