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>On Today's Program
>PRISM program shows the surveillance state is already here
>It's no small irony that 1984 was published 64 years ago yesterday. 
>Earlier this year, Glenn was called a conspiracy theorist because he 
>warned about the data collection of the federal government, all 
>while the ribbon was being cut on the NSA's vault in Utah. Of 
>course, now that it's in the Washington Post all Congress cares 
>about is if they were spied on. Glenn discusses the latest details 
>on the federal govt.'s domestic surveillance program on radio. 
>NSA whistle blower reveals scary details of govt.'s spying abilities
>Yesterday, news broke that the federal government has been tapping 
>into the servers of nine major internet companies, allowing them to 
>access phone records, e-mail, web chats, photographs, and documents. 
>The program, PRISM, reportedly involves Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, 
>PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube, and Apple. Today, Glenn welcomed 
>cryto-mathematician and 36-year NSA employee William Binney to speak 
>on the issue. 
>Watch On Demand -- For The Record: Surveillance State
>Glenn has been warning about what the NSA has the power to do and IS 
>DOING with your private information for a long time. Yesterday these 
>warnings were proven to be true. In the 1st episode of TheBlaze's 
>For The Record, NSA whistleblowers depict a vivid and chilling 
>picture of the size & power of the federal government's data 
>collection. What they have to say is even more shocking when looking 
>at today's breaking news about PRISM. This episode of For The Record 
>is available NOW on demand on TheBlaze. 
>a 14 day FREE trial to watch.
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