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Remember  Clinton era Carnivore?   One of the suggested counter tactics was to put the bad words they were sniffing for in your signature in the hope they would eventually be saturated by too many millions of hits. I always thought that Idea failed because not enough millions went along with it.

....but then again maybe the idea did work..... at least it worked for the Tsarnaev  brothers.... they sure got lost in the sauce...

Tom.jihad.bomb.anthrax.terrorism.NRA.pro-life.TEA Party.conservative.IRS scandal. (....oops strike the terrorism... this administration  couldn't care less about that) 

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How to bypass NSA's data

Tired of the National Security Agency collecting your personal details?
There's an app for that. 

In light of reports the U.S. government has gained direct access to the
systems operating Google, Facebook and Apple, the fact the National
Security Agency is mining billions of Verizon telephone records for
details, and God only knows what those pesky new drones are doing, advice
on how to beat Big Brother is starting to appear.

the latest now on WND.com 

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