[Rushtalk] Four Star Admiral Claiming Obama Conspired with America's Enemies to Stage Benghazi

Carl Spitzer Winblows at lavabit.com
Sat Jun 8 22:00:49 MDT 2013

On Sat, 2013-05-25 at 06:57 -0500, Steven Laib wrote:
> What is important here is that Adm. Lyons is credible, AND that the
> theory is not a crazy one.  It is within the realm of possibility.  
> I think we should wait and see if there is any solid evidence to back
> it.  

Now that is at least reasonable.  Someone with a new theory no one else
has considered is either wise or a fool and time is the only real judge.
Remember all the flap by the left over the now accepted Aborticide
breast cancer link which they denied because it was perceived by them,
correctly IMHO, as an attack upon one of their sacred religious rites.
Well it was years and indeed the first I encountered it was from a
Johnny One Note who only ever wrote on the issue of aborticide.  I even
checked with a conservative doctor who was online at the time and the
response was not very conclusive.  

Now we have a man child in the White House who is surrounded by a
hurricane of controversy, conspiracy and cover up beyond anything we
have ever seen before.  More will come out and perhaps most of it will
be proven in years to come if there is still a nation called America.


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