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IRS exempts terror front group over tea party

Reinstated despite years of delinquent filings

Published: 7 days ago


At the same time the Internal Revenue Service 
delayed or denied requests for tax-exempt status 
from hundreds of conservative non-profit groups, 
it was quietly restoring the tax-exempt status of 
an Islamist front group accused of collaborating with terrorists.

Last year, the politicized agency reinstated the 
Washington-based Council on American-Islamic 
Relations’ tax-exempt status despite years of 
delinquent tax filings. CAIR officials had met 
with officials inside the White House before the decision was made.

Though Democrat-connected CAIR did not officially 
endorse Obama, many of its staffers helped turn 
out the Muslim vote for his re-election. CAIR 
boasted that its own polling showed more than 85 
percent of Muslim-Americans voted for Obama.

In 2011, the IRS stripped the group’s national 
office of its nonprofit status for failure to 
file annual tax reports as required by federal law.

The moved followed requests by then-Rep. Sue 
Myrick, R-N.C., and other congressional leaders 
asking the IRS to investigate after the 2009 
bestseller “Muslim Mafia” called attention to 
CAIR’s missing IRS filings and foreign donations.

back against CAIR’s attack on First Amendment by 
making a contribution to WND’s “Legal Defense 
Fund.” Donations of $25 or more entitle you to 
free copy of “Muslim Mafia” – the book so 
devastating to CAIR the group is trying to ban it.

During the years CAIR failed to disclose its 
donors to the government, it solicited funds from 
Libya, Sudan and other terror-sponsoring foreign 
governments, according to “Muslim Mafia.” CAIR is 
not registered as a foreign agent.

CAIR repeatedly failed to file its annual 
disclosure report, IRS Form 990. CAIR blames a 
clerical error for the delinquency and claims to 
have completed the forms. However, several news 
organizations, including Politico.com and Gannett 
Co., have asked CAIR for the 2007-2010 documents, 
and CAIR has not been able to produce them.
“Given CAIR’s status as an unindicted 
co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation 
terror-financing case, this failure to comply 
with federal disclosure laws is all the more 
troubling,” U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf, the co-chairman 
of the Congressional Human Rights Caucus, wrote 
the IRS in a separate request for investigation in 2011.

CAIR’s terrorist ties run deep. The Justice 
Department lists it among U.S. front groups for 
Hamas, a Palestinian terrorist organization. And 
several CAIR officials have been convicted or 
deported on terrorism-related charges.

The FBI says that until suspicious ties between 
the leadership of CAIR and that of Hamas are 
resolved, it will no longer work with CAIR as a 
partner in counter-terrorism efforts.

Despite these red flags, the IRS in June 2012 
sent CAIR-Foundation Inc. a letter stating the 
controversial nonprofit had regained its tax-exempt
status as a 501(c)3. At the same time, the IRS 
demanded tea party and other patriot groups turn 
over donor rolls, membership lists and contacts 
with political figures, among other things, 
before the agency would consider granting tax-exempt status to them.

CAIR Foundation, which is listed at the same 453 
New Jersey Ave. address as CAIR’s national 
headquarters in Washington, told the Washington 
Post that “all the paperwork issues have been 
resolved” concerning the organization.

However, WND has obtained CAIR-Foundation Inc.’s 
latest filing, and even this tax document is 
incomplete. It is a partial return for the 
calendar year 2011, covering only the period from 
Aug. 9, 2011, to Dec. 31, 2011. The final page of 
the return, in fact, requests an extension from the IRS.

“Additional time is required to obtain 
information necessary in filing a 
and accurate return,” states CAIR’s 
Joey Musmar.

The filing says the organization solicited 
$3,964,990 in gifts, 
and other contributions that “were not tax 
deductible.” An annual fundraiser raised a net $106,879.

At the beginning of 2011, CAIR’s liabilities exceeded its assets by $940,279.

It also owed “CAIR Inc.” $722,261 for “charity 
consulting.” This amount is listed as a “loan.” 
CAIR Inc. is listed as a “C Corp.”

CAIR insists its tax returns for 2007-2010 exist. 
Yet it still won’t produce them, despite repeated 
requests. According to the IRS, nonprofits must 
make their tax returns available to the public upon request.

CAIR lists Todd Gallinger, director of chapter 
development, as its contact for such matters, at 
(202) 488-8787 and tgallinger at cair.com.

It’s not clear what, if anything, the IRS 
investigated concerning CAIR’s filings. The 
agency did not respond to requests for comment.

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