[Rushtalk] Happy Death-by-Government Day!

Paf Dvorak notmyname at thatswaytoomuch.info
Tue Jun 11 19:23:37 MDT 2013

At 04:48 PM 6/11/2013 -0700, Tom Matiska wrote:

>--- On Tue, 6/11/13, Paf Dvorak <notmyname at thatswaytoomuch.info> wrote:
>Next you'll tell us our coming civil war (which this time it will 
>likely actually be a civil war, i.e., two (or more) factions trying 
>to gain control of the government) isn't Obama's fault because he 
>was in the executive only 8 years.
>Not at all. I would be much more likely to blame someone in power 
>the previous 8 years than the new guy who just inherited the 
>mess.  The author you cited needs to study the chronology of civil 
>war events.

And so you think DiLorenzo is mad at Lincoln why?

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