[Rushtalk] Billboard on I-75 in Ocala Attacks RINO Senator Marco 'Amnesty Man' Rubio

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Wed Jun 12 19:21:55 MDT 2013

This RINO and friends advertise themselves as conservatives on Limbaughs
show locally and proclaim their version of Amnasty is acceptable
conservative alternative to ObombA Amnasty.


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                             Floridians for Immigration Enforcement
   Billboard on I-75 in Ocala Attacks Senator Marco 'Amnesty Man' Rubio
Floridians for Immigration Enforcement (FLIMEN) has erected a billboard
   on I-75 in Ocala attacking Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) for sponsoring
S.744, the so-called "Gang of Eight" Immigration bill, that would import
               33 million foreign workers over the next ten years.
 "When 20 million American citizens and legal workers are unemployed or
      desperately trying to find full time jobs it is both callous and
 irresponsible for Florida Senator Marco to sponsor an immigration bill
  that will flood the labor market with 33 million foreign workers over
      the next ten years," said Floridians for Immigration Enforcement
                            Legislative Director Jack Oliver. 
 "The 33 million additional green cards is a very conservative estimate
of the future impact on the US labor market," added Oliver. "It doesn't
even include temporary work visas which according to an analysis by U.S.
    Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) will add another 25 million temporary
 skilled and unskilled work visas over the next ten years. This bill is
   Armageddon for the American workforce," continued Oliver. "I predict
 that no politician who votes for the Senate immigration bill will ever
                                be elected to higher office."
"Marco Rubio's backing for this mass amnesty also is a complete betrayal
   of the solemn promise he made to me, other members of our board, and
  several Tea Party leaders that he would never support amnesty when he
           met with us privately face to face in 2009," said Oliver.
  Citizens are urged to call Sen. Rubio's Orlando office (407) 254-2573
                        and tell him AMERICANS need those jobs.
   There are numerous reports that Senator Rubio's Washington DC office
 does not answer the phone line and the voice mail is always full.  You
              can also call Senator Rubio's other field offices at:
                                       (305) 418-8553 Miami
                                   (561) 775 3360 Palm Beach
                                       (813) 977-6450 Tampa
                                 (904) 398-8586 Jacksonville
                                  (850) 599-9100 Tallahassee
                                    (239) 213-1521 Pensacola
                                             May 30, 2013
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