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At 07:10 AM 6/13/2013 -0700, Tom Matiska wrote:

>--- On Thu, 6/13/13, Paf Dvorak <notmyname at thatswaytoomuch.info> wrote:
>The south didn't want a war. They wanted what the Constitution 
>promised, the right to succeed from the union and be again, sovereign states.
>Lincoln brought the unconstitutional war.
>Do you defend Lincoln merely because he was a Republican with no 
>thought of whether Lincoln was right or wrong?
>Paf Dvorak
>1st order of business for Davis was raising an Army of 100K and 
>ordering Fort Sumter to be taken. Lincoln raised additional troops 
>after the south attacked. Next you'll be saying it wasn't about slavery.

It was about sovereignty. It was about several states joining a union 
for expressed purposes, and none other.
If a few states wanted slaves, there were things some other states 
could have done to discourage that practice.
Assaulting, with deadly force, those people who you disagree with, 
has nothing to do with liberty and everything to do with tyranny.
Did you miss the part of Dilorenzo's piece where he mentions the 
other countries that abolished slavery without fighting a huge war?
1st order of business was, as the south demanded, remove the federal 
troops from land on SC. It's all well and good that the feds took 
that land (Ft. Sumter) and called it theirs, but it was still within 
the physical jurisdiction of the sovereign state of south carolina. 
The south "attacked" the troops in the fort after demanding the 
troops leave the fort.

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