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At 06:29 PM 6/13/2013 -0700, Tom Matiska wrote:

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>It was about sovereignty. It was about several 
>states joining a union for expressed purposes, and none other.
>If a few states wanted slaves, there were things 
>some other states could have done to discourage that practice.
>Assaulting, with deadly force, those people who 
>you disagree with, has nothing to do with 
>liberty and everything to do with tyranny.
>Did you miss the part of Dilorenzo's piece where 
>he mentions the other countries that abolished 
>slavery without fighting a huge war?
>1st order of business was, as the south 
>demanded, remove the federal troops from land on 
>SC. It's all well and good that the feds took 
>that land (Ft. Sumter) and called it theirs, but 
>it was still within the physical jurisdiction of 
>the sovereign state of south carolina. The south 
>"attacked" the troops in the fort after demanding the troops leave the fort.
>It was about slavery, 100% and nothing else.

You mean to say, that the north, which also dealt 
in and held slaves was against the practice so 
they concocted the whole thing, including 
Lincoln's belief that Negroes were not even 
human, just so they could have a war with the south?

>   Davis himself said so. His VP Stephens gave 
> the infamous 
> <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cornerstone_Speech>Cornerstone 
> Speech     declaring that the "cornerstone" of 
> the new government "rested upon the great truth 
> that the negro is not equal to the white man; 
> that slavery—suborrdination to the superior 
> race—is his natural and normal conditioon. 
> This, our new government, is the first, in the 
> history of the world, based upon this great 
> physical, philosophical, and moral truth".
>The Articles of Secession and Declaration of 
>Causes passed by many Confederate States cited 
>the preservation of slavery as the prime cause. 
>Texas mentioned it 21 times in their 
>declaration. South Carolina, Mississippi, and Georgia cited it too.
>The infamous "Cornerstone" speech, as well as 
>the various Articles of Secession and 
>declaration of Causes are online. You should 
>google and read them before you reply again.
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