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Add that to my point.  The whole of the "State's rights'" debate was centered on the wrongs of slavery.


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    Not quite. Slaves were considered
      property. When slaves escaped to the north the owners demanded
      return of their property and some refused. That was the trigger
      point at which time the southern states demanded their rights as
      states. There was nothing in the Constitution that granted the
      federal government the power to regulate private property between
      states, nor does such exist today. The federal authorities refused
      to facilitate the return of property so the south decided to
      secede. If the war was strictly about slavery, why did it takes 2
      years of war before Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation?


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                          Actually, Tom......it
                          was about State's Rights, not slavery! 


                The right of
                        states to allow slavery,  the right to expand
                        slavery westward to new states, , and the right
                        of states to secede over slavery pretty much
                        covers all the state's rights discussions of the





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