[Rushtalk] Immigration Reform

John A. Quayle blueoval57 at verizon.net
Fri Jun 14 14:07:56 MDT 2013

Dear Friends,

The latest amnesty effort was unveiled by the 
Gang of Eight ­ a bi-partisan committee of four 
Republicans and four Democrats hoping to legalize 11 million illegal aliens.
While the effort does address border security, 
employment verification and public benefits, it 
does so only after legalizing those who are here illegally.
I’ve just added my name to a national petition 
opposing the Gang of Eight amnesty effort, and 
I’m asking you to do the same by clicking below:


This latest effort ­ no matter how well-intended, 
politicizes illegals giving them access to 
federal and state welfare and entitlement 
programs, and putting them in direct competition 
with millions of unemployed American citizens. 
Through this petition effort, Grassfire is 
mobilizing 100,000 citizen-signers from across 
the nation, and will hand-deliver these petitions 
to key members in both the Senate and the House in the coming weeks.

Any effort to reform our current immigration 
policies must begin with real border security, 
mandatory employment verification and the banning 
of federal and state benefits to those here illegally.

Click here to sign:



John A. Quayle

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