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And your point of view is that states don't have the right to separate
from the feds for any reason.

NO! NO!  NO!  I said the reason for their secession  was clearly slavery. In no way did I say they could not secede for any reason.   You have a very irritating habit of changing what others say to what you want to argue. 

Glad you finally got around to an entry level reading of Wiki.   Read the Wiki piece link here  on Jefferson Davis.

Read where Senator Davis wanted to attack Cuba in 1848.  Davis declared that it "....must be ours" to "increase the number of slaveholding constituencies.". 

What was the State's Rights argument against Cuba?

Read of his selection as CSA President.   "..... Alexander Stephens
 was the choice of every man present, except that Stephens was unwilling
 to agree to fire the first shot in the anticipated war against the 
United States,[56] so the delegates chose Davis, who "was the champion of a slave society and embodied the values of the planter class,"  

 Clearly he was chosen for his willingness to start a shooting war against the north, which is just what he(not Lincoln) did.

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