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Okay - so this is an OP-ED - otherwise known as an opinion editorial. I
don't do this often, but I think this is too important not to share.
Read or delete - it's your choice.....

I had a conversation this week with someone who couldn't say enough
about how good things are right now in America. They talked about how we
are in a time of such great prosperity and that the standard of living
for "all" has improved so greatly these past few years under the current
leadership. They went on to say that we need look no further than the
stock market to underscore how true this all must be because the market
is at an all time high.

That commentary got me to thinking about where we are today versus where
we were a few years ago. And today, I happened to come across a
comparison of some key indicators that we all should be concerned about.
The data shown below was compiled and reported by Credit Suisse. This
has happened in five (5) years! Not fifty - but five....

Consider the last time the market was at an all time high which was 2007
- versus today with the markets at new highs and here is what you will

Consumer Confidence in 2007 was at 99.5% In 2013 it stands at 69.6% -
That's a decline of 30%!

US Debt Outstanding in 2007 was $9 Trillion In 2013 it stands at $16
Trillion - That's almost double! In 5 years!!!

Debt as a % of our GDP in 07 was 38% In 2013 it stands at 74% - Of our
entire gross domestic product!

Annual Budget Deficit in 2007 was $97 Billion In 2013 it is a staggering
$976 Billion - PER YEAR! 10 X as much as five years ago!

# Americans on Food Stamps in 07 - 27 M In 2013 there are now 48 million
Americans on Food Stamps - 21 MILLION more Americans on Food Stamps!

Better times? - I think not. Improved standard of living for all? - ask
the 21 million additional Americans now on the Food Stamp roles. Leaders
that have a plan - there may indeed be a plan but it is not a good one.
Our country which for 225 years has stood tall as the beacon for
democracy and free enterprise is now spiraling towards blatant and
rampant socialism and utter destruction of free enterprise and the

My assessment - these are downright scary times for America and for all
of us. Consider just this one final point. How in the world would you
EVER get the 48 million Americans who are on Food Stamps to EVER vote
for reducing or eliminating social aid or putting some sort of
"qualifier" in place. Not gonna happen! And thus we find ourselves in
the position of having our country controlled by a political process and
a political party that has managed to gain critical voting mass -
through socialistic program increase.

If you are as concerned as I am - feel free to share this with everyone
you know - not just those who may be like minded.

My two cents -

ObombA did not win erection, Trotskite RINO Mitt Romney threw the
election.  -- Rush Limbaugh
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