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 Yanks with their token
black population saw little problem in letting them join the human race. 


You sure you're a conservative Tom?

Lay off the Kool-Aid, how 'bout?

OK, step aside from the North/South thing for a minute  and "go west young man".    Look at the parallel situation developing  in 1850's California where concern over the "Yellow peril" led to changes  in national and state law to limit oriental immigrants, and to prevent those already here from being naturalized or owning land.  Seems only concern over "minority" rights was from those concerned about whites becoming a  minority.   

I grew up in northern city where the 24 black students sat in the same classrooms as the 1700 white students.  I didn't know what institutionalized racism was until I was stationed down south.  

>From 1860's Civil War to 1960's Civil Rights votes,  demographics by region paint an interesting picture.  

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