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.....The links you provided below cannot be verified and quite possibly the
site providing the data has "cooked the books".......

So you think "Sons of the South"  site cooked Official Census data to cover up vast amounts of northern slavery???  ....really????! 

Were there slaves owned in the north? 

Mostly in your imagination.  Last remnants of bonding(apprentices, endentured servants, etc) were all but gone.  Just "token" numbers remained.

Why? Why didn't the
upstanding and liberal north not simply end the horrible slave trade? 

U.S. import and export ended in 1808.  NY Ended slavery in 1829.  PA in 1847; CT 1848...  etc.....

was a war needed to end the trade?

Because the folks determined to protect the institution of slavery weren't going to have it any other way.

There were 236 slaves in NJ in 1850 and none in 1860.

None on the chart  but 18 lifetime apprentices  in the note  below the chart.   minor point. 

As I posted, Lincoln caused the war. This is a fact. He wanted this war
for some reason, and used slavery as the excuse.

 Until you realize Lincoln wanted everything but a shooting war you will continue to wonder.  

What changed in America after that

Social and political warfare continued.  .http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Jim_Crow_law_examples_by_State  

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