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At 09:36 PM 6/19/2013 -0700, Tom Matiska wrote:

>--- On Wed, 6/19/13, Paf Dvorak <notmyname at thatswaytoomuch.info> wrote:
>  I agree with Carl. I don't use cloud storage. In fact, I like to 
> refer to it as clown storage.
>I think anyone who would use the cloud for holding anything they 
>value is a fool.
>If they even know they are using cloud networking. I had no clue who 
>Danger Inc was or that my phone used their cloud until T-Mobile had 
>to explain my data loss to me. T-Moblie replaced my old Nokia with a 
>new phone they bought from Danger who backed up their cloud on 
>Microsoft servers, who later bought Danger, who paid Hitachi to 
>upgrade them....... yada ..yada... yada... four companies later my 
>data was gone.. Are you sure your online backup isn't going through 
>some company's cloud?

I don't use online backup.
Nor do I use web mail.
I do have a server for all my domains, and back up some stuff there, 
but whatever I'm storing there is backed up on hard drives either on 
my computers or on removable disc drives. And whatever I back up 
remotely, I put there myself using <https://filezilla-project.org/>Filezilla
And I'm big into backing stuff up and have redundant backups of my backups.

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