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Uh-oh! Yahoo reports Obama born someplace else

News agency scrambles to revert story back to Hawaii

Published: 7 hours ago
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In an article published online Friday, Rachel Rose Hartman of Yahoo! 
News lamented that President Obama's upcoming trip to Africa would 
not include a stop in Kenya, "the country of his birth."

Whoa. What?

The mainstream media for years has been lockstep behind the president 
in affirming his birth in Hawaii, even derisively labeling those who 
question the official story as "birthers."

And in fact, Talking Points Memo reports that within 90 minutes of 
the story's publication, Yahoo! News added the following: 
"Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly identified 
the president's birthplace."

The wording of the story was then changed from referencing Kenya as 
"the country of his birth" to "his ancestral homeland."

A screenshot of the original article (emphasis added) can be seen below:


A screenshot of the amended article can also be seen below:


article spoke of the Obama family's upcoming visit to Africa, which 
is expected to take place from June 26-July 3, and planned stops in 
Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania.

Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications Ben 
Rhodes, however, told reporters Kenya wasn't on the itinerary.

So was Hartman's reporting that Obama was born in Kenya a slip-up or 
a sign of something more?

The answer may be impossible to discover. A spokesperson for Yahoo! 
News told the Washington Post there would be no comments available 
beyond the correction.

media monitor Twitchy, however, noted that many users of Twitter were 
quick to assume Hartman a "birther" and 
her as racist while demanding she be fired.

Curiously, before Obama was elected, it was fairly common to find 
<http://www.wnd.com/?p=63432>references in the media that referred to 
the former Illinois senator <http://www.wnd.com/?p=62067>as born in Kenya.

The Kenyan government, as well, in 2009 
<http://www.wnd.com/?p=67597>commissioned a cultural museum in Kenya 
to "honour the birthplace of President Obama."

Even Obama's own literary agency <http://www.wnd.com/?p=191875>billed 
him as "born in Kenya" as late as 2007 to promote the sale of his 
book, "Dreams from My Father."

And while the White House released a purported copy of Obama's 
certificate April 27, 2011, the president's refusal to release his 
childhood and college records, coupled with 
<http://www.wnd.com/?p=135131>charges that the birth certificate is a 
forgery, as well as Barack Obama Sr.'s status as a foreign national, 
have led many so-called "birthers" to continue to question Obama's 
birthplace and/or eligibility under the U.S. Constitution to serve as 

<http://www.wnd.com/?p=58906>Discover the most extensive archive of 
news reports on Obama's eligibility anywhere!

WND has reported, a special Cold Case Posse assembled by Maricopa, 
Ariz., County Sheriff Joe Arpaio was even assembled to look into the 
question at the request of Arpaio's constituents, who were concerned 
they were being defrauded by having an ineligible candidate on the 
2012 election ballot.

Last year, Arpaio held a press conference at which he and Cold Case 
Posse Chief Mike Zullo outlined their findings.

In an affidavit, since filed with the Alabama Supreme Court, Zullo 
explained, "At that time, we announced that we had concluded that 
there was probable cause that forgery and fraud had been committed in 
respect of two documents: 1) the long-form or original birth 
certificate computer image presented by Mr. Obama, which contained 
multiple errors and anomalies, many of them serious and: 2) the 
selective-service document for Mr. Obama, which contained a two-digit 
year-stamp. This was contrary to specifications issued by federal 
regulations to the effect that the year of issue should be expressed 
as four digits on the stamp, and also contrary to any other 
document that we had been able to examine."

The result of the evidence, he said, is one conclusion.

"Accordingly, Sheriff Arpaio continues to recommend that the Congress 
of the United States open an immediate investigation, including the 
appointment of a select committee, as regards to the authenticity of 
Mr. Obama's documentation, whether any crimes have been committed, 
and to determine Mr. Obama's eligibility for the office of president 
of the United States," he said.
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