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  Self-Destructive Jewish Guilt
By Rabbi Meir Kahane

(May his soul rest in peace) Has history proven him wrong?}

(January, 1988)

There is a specter haunting Israel and its American Jewish supporters.
It is called guilt. Guilt over the "repression of Palestinian human
rights". Guilt over the refusal to remove "the main obstacle to peace in
the Middle East - the occupation of the Arab land seized in 1967". Guilt
over the unwillingness to give the "Palestinians" their own state in the
"occupied lands". And now, guilt over the killing of "Palestinians" and
innocent civilians in the "Occupied territories". It is a powerful
weapon, this guilt; Jews have a difficult time coping with it. 

A people that has been the most debased of losers for 2,000 years finds
it difficult to cope with victory. It finds it extraordinary difficult
to remain normal. It inherits insecurities, complexes, guilt. It begins
to believe its enemies' slanders. It loses its self-respect and longs
for the love of a hating world. That is especially true for the Jewish
liberal! It is important that those who have retained their self-esteem
and sense of Jewish survival speak out against the disease of guilt and
moral insecurity. No guilt.

Are the lands of 1967, "occupied" by the Jews, the main obstacle to
peace? Is the year 1967 the origin of the conflict? How peaceful it must
have been in 1966 when Sinai and Gaza were in Egyptian hands and the
Golan was possessed by the Syrians to shell, for 19 years, the Jewish
settlements below, and when Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem were in
the hands of the "moderate" King Hussein. Why did they go to war? What
did they want then? When they had all the "occupied lands" before they
were "occupied"? When one has East Jerusalem and attacks Israel, can it
be that he desires West Jerusalem? And Tel Aviv? And can it be that that
is what they really want again? Now? And why did the "innocent
Palestinian women and children" take to the streets then, in 1967, when
Jordan and Egypt ruled them to call for "Israel in the sea"? What
"occupied lands" did they want back then? And could it be that that is
what they want now? 

And what did they wish in 1947 when they rejected the "Palestine" state
offered them by the United Nations and went to war, killing fully 1 % of
the Jewish population? And what did they wish in the riots of 1936-38
when there was no country called Israel and they murdered more than 500
Jews? And in 1929 when no "Zionist occupation troops" were in Hebron,
why did the "Palestinians" rise up to murder 67 Jews in one day? And why
the pogroms in Jerusalem and Jaffa in 1920 and 1921? 

What troubles the Arabs is the very presence of large numbers of Jews in
the land, and Israel of any size. Zionism. That is what troubles the
Arabs. That is the obstacle to peace. Let us inscribe that on our hearts
lest we open the doors to a repetition-on a grand scale-of that which
the Arabs have done to Jews since 1920. A horror of slaughter by knives
and axes. And the bearers of guilt would do just that.

No guilt. There is one sublime reason why we should not give up a
centimeter of land...it belongs to us. If we have no right to Judea and
Samaria and Gaza, then we indeed have no right to Tel Aviv. Abraham did
not walk on Dizengoff Street nor did our ancestors live in Israeli
cities that were built in the 20th century. But Abraham, who lived in
Hebron, and Jacob who lived in Shechem, now Nablus, and David in
Bethlehem are the sole legitimate reasons that Jews can lay claim to a
Tel Aviv and the kibbutzim of the guilt-ridden Left. The land belongs to
us because the G-d of Israel, creator and Titleholder of all lands, gave
it to us. No guilt.

There is no such thing as a "Palestinian people". They are Arabs, part
of the Arab nation, possessor of 21 lands. Let them live in peace in any
or all of them. But there are no "Palestinians". It was the Roman
emperor Hadrian who, after the Jewish revolt against the Romans, angrily
erased the name of the state, Judea, and invented the name "Palestine"
after the Philistines. In every normal case, an existing people gives
its name to a land. The Franks named it France and the Angles, England,
and the Germanics, Germany. Only in this ludicrous case does a Roman
invent a name, give it to a land, and the arriving Arab trespassers
become "Palestinians". One presumes that had Hadrian not changed the
name, Israel today would be fighting Yasir Arafat and the Judean
terrorists. There are no "Palestinians" and there is no "Palestine" in
the land of Israel, Eretz Yisrael. No guilt.

The "Palestinian" civilians in Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Lebanon cheered
and supported every P.L.O murder and terror of Jews. They are united in
hatred of Israel. It would be nicer if they did not stone our soldiers
and try to kill Jews. It would be nicer if they did not rise up in
revolt in order to force us out of Judea, Samaria and Gaza as the first
step to the elimination of the State of Israel. But since they do, let
Jews not allow themselves to be destroyed by "Palestinian" women and
children. And if the only way to survive is to take the lives of people
who attack us we have no choice. I wonder how many Americans and British
and French mourned and protested the killing of German civilians during
World War II bombings of Berlin, Hamburg and Dresden? 

There is nothing ethical about dying or anything moral about another
holocaust. There is nothing immoral about winning and nothing
necessarily noble in a loser. Let us cast off the chains of guilt and
reject the accusations of its bearers. The greatness of Judaism is its
spirit, but no spirit can survive without a living body. If we do not
want to kill Arabs--and we don't; and if we want to put an end to the
nightly television pictures of violence; and if we do not want to see
those pictures tomorrow inside Israel itself, with Israeli Arabs
fighting soldiers; and if we do not want to see the threat of Arab
demography destroying the Jewish State--then let us have the courage to
take the one difficult but immutable step that will free us of all this
and guarantee a Jewish State: Remove the Arabs from the land and let
them live with their brothers and sisters in any of the 22 Arab states.
Anything short of that will see the horrors of today escalated a
hundred-fold tomorrow. And let us not fear the world. Those who stood by
during the Holocaust and when Israel faced destruction in 1948 and 1967
have nothing to tell us. 

Faith in the G-d of Israel and a powerful Jewish army are the only
guarantors of Jewish survival. Let us not fear the world. Far better a
Jewish State that survives and is hated by the world, than an Auschwitz
that brings us its love and sympathy. No guilt Rather faith in G-d and a
return to authentic Torah laws; rather pride and strength, and the love
of our people rather than the enemy that would destroy us. That is
sanity; that is Judaism.

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