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June 27, 2013

Yes, You Will Be Made to Care

You will be made to care about gay marriage. You 
may think it does not affect you or will not 
affect you or you can support it and leave well 
enough alone, but you cannot. The secular left 
and aggressive gay rights activists will not allow you to.

You must either fully embrace it or be shunned. 
You may think it does not affect your marriage, 
your life, or anything else, but you will be made 
to care ­ you will not be allowed to accept that 
others can disagree on the issue due to their 
orthodox faith. The slow march toward the 
destruction of the marital institution now picks 
up pace with Anthony Kennedy’s decision in 
Windsor. What is, at its heart, a tax case, 
became a vehicle for Kennedy to declare malicious 
intent on the preservation of marriage.

That’s clear from the decision. In the 90 s, the 
Defense of Marriaage Act was enacted to preserve 
and recognize the traditional marital structure 
that the United States had had since its 
founding. But Anthony Kennedy declared that the 
purpose was ill will toward gays ignoring that 
activists were seeking to upend the order of things as they had been.

This decision will be used to advance on the 
states. A muddled equal protection message will 
be used to force accommodations some are not 
willing to make and some cannot make because of 
their religion. 
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