[Rushtalk] Security Industry Association opposes Texas RFID legislation

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Sat Mar 2 12:29:10 MST 2013


Don Erickson, CEO of the Security Industry Association (SIA), has sent a
letter to legislators in the Texas House and Senate in opposition to
proposed legislation that would amend the state’s education code to
prohibit the use of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology as
a means to identify, transmit information about, or track the location
of students.

In the letter, Erickson noted that there has been no demonstrated harm
from the deployment and use of RFID technology, and the technology
represents a proven solution for the protection of people and assets. He
also cited other reasons for the SIA’s opposition, including:

      * Economic harm and job losses for the State of Texas, as a result
        of the legislation, since major producers of RFID technology are
        based in the state;
      * Schools that can verify higher attendance rates using RFID
        technology are more likely to receive additional funding from
        the federal and state governments; 
      * Most importantly, in light of the recent tragic events in
        Newtown, CT, this legislation does not take into consideration
        the safety and security benefits that the use of such technology
        can provide.

As part of its initiative to better secure the nation’s schools, SIA
supports a holistic approach to school security that includes funding
for school security assessments; investment in technology, such as
digital video cameras and RFID-based access control systems; and
emergency preparedness training for education and law enforcement

Erickson concluded the letter with an offer to the Texas legislature to
provide a demonstration and explanation of RFID technology, and how it
can be deployed for the safety and security of school students
throughout the state of Texas.

SIA recently announced it is forming a committee of experts to share
technical expertise with the administration and Congress as they work to
adopt new school security initiatives.

The complete text of the letters can be found by clicking here.


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