[Rushtalk] Well, It's About *TIME*!

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This was on KSEV radio this morning.  I'd rather that we could cancel all the golf outings PERIOD.

Frankly, the POTUS should be limited to vacations at Camp David and nowhere else.  Same for the family.  
There is no reason why we should spend millions for someone to go skiing in Aspen just because they 
are elected to office. 


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Have you heard about this??! Rep. Louie Gohmert may just be my favorite
politician after this! Go Louie! Here's the story:

Earlier today, the White House announced that it was cancelling public
tours beginning March 9 as a result of spending cuts mandated by

So then Gohmert filed an amendment to the House GOP’s six-month
continuing resolution that would bar federal funds from being spent on
President Obama’s golf outings until public tours of the White House
start up again!!! 


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