[Rushtalk] Well, It's About *TIME*!

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Obama ignores budget dealings with Congress to  golf with Tiger, Michelle Antoinette takes a separate vacation, Food Stamp outreach programs in Mexico to entice more immigrants remain funded, so does funding for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, etc...... while defense workers at tour local Depot are laid off for 22 days off.      What is wrong with this picture

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Have you heard about this??! Rep. Louie Gohmert may just be my favorite politician after this! Go Louie! Here's the story:

Earlier today, the White House announced that it was cancelling public tours beginning March 9 as a result of spending cuts mandated by sequestration.

So then Gohmert filed an amendment to the House GOP’s six-month continuing resolution that would bar federal funds from being spent on President Obama’s golf outings until public tours of the White House start up again!!! 


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