[Rushtalk] NRA director-supported politician wins gun control award

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NRA director-supported politician wins gun control award

Elections 2012
November 19, 2012
By: David Codrea

The Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence presented awards to two
Prairie State politicians, the Associated Press reported today. Governor
Pat Quinn and outgoing Rep. Bob Dold were both given leadership awards
last week, Quinn for trying to ban semi-automatic firearms, and
"suburban Chicago Republican" Dold for "cross[ing] party lines to oppose
`dangerous' gun legislation."

Replacing another Republican gun-grabber Mark Kirk in January 2011,
Dold's anti-gun sympathies have been clear from the start. The political
positions reporting website, "On the Issues," revealed Dold "Supports
restricting gun purchase & possession," dating their entry "Nov. 2010."

In spite of that, NRA Director Grover Nordquist endorsed and campaigned
for Dold in his first race, even recording a video, which has since been
pulled back from general view and marked "private." Not that someone who
takes an oath to support and defend the Constitution and then goes on to
win an ICAHV award can be trusted, as demonstrated in his reelection bid
this year, when Dold turned around and "threw away" the tax pledge he'd
made to Nordquist.

While it's true the Democrat opponent in 2010, Dan Seals, was also
abysmally anti-gun, as was victorious 2012 challenger Brad Schneider,
Nordquist's endorsement of Dold in spite of his known anti-gun views
while wearing his Americans for Tax Reform hat shows how NRA directors
promoting competing advocacy positions can choose one at the expense of

There is no way an NRA board member, especially a long-term one, should
ever have endorsed a candidate with Dold's established anti-gun record
and sentiments, no matter what the reason or who his competition was.
Putting other issues ahead of the Second Amendment and working to
empower gun-grabbers to achieve other ends is not something the
nominating committee should support, or the voting members should


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