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Americans get serious about impeachment

New poll: Nearly half endorse dumping Obama

Published: 1 day ago
  by <http://www.wnd.com/author/runruh/>Bob Unruh 
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Bob Unruh joined WND in 2006 after nearly three 
decades with the Associated Press, as well as 
several Upper Midwest newspapers, where he 
covered everything from legislative battles and 
sports to tornadoes and homicidal survivalists. 
He is also a photographer whose scenic work has 
been used 

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Editor’s note: This is another in a series of 
“WND/WENZEL POLLS” conducted exclusively for WND 
by the public-opinion research and media 
company <http://www.wenzelstrategies.com/?page_id=930>Wenzel Strategies.

Not only have voters begun to connect the dots 
between the faltering economy and global 
insecurity to President Obama’s administration in 
significant numbers, they also have begun to join him in calling for “change.”
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Only this is the impeachment type of change, not 
the type Obama has so often preached.

The poll shows those advocating impeachment 
nearly equal to those against it. For example, 
regarding Obama’s campaign for amnesty to 
illegals, 44 percent say he should be impeached 
for that, while only 48 percent say he should 
not. And 46 percent say they think Obama should 
be impeached for launching the war to remove 
Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, while 49 percent say no.

“Taken by itself, any of these questions about 
President Obama could be ignored, but it becomes 
much more questionable when all of these 
administration actions are taken as a whole,” 
said Fritz Wenzel, whose public opinion and media 
consulting company 
Strategies conducted the poll.

The scientific survey was done by telephone March 
7-12 and contains a margin of error of 2.92 percent.

“Obama appears to have found a way to split the 
nation directly down the middle on each issue, 
but, as his plummeting poll numbers may now 
indicate, the American public may well be 
catching up with the cumulative effect of this 
administration’s handling of the Constitution and 
the federal government,” Wenzel said.

the petition urging Congress to impeach Obama.

He noted that Obama’s job approval is in freefall.

“American voters apparently are finally, after 
more than four years, beginning to connect the 
sluggish economy, the precarious state of 
international affairs and Barack Obama,” Wenzel 
said. “After an inauguration bounce, his job 
approval has now returned to near the lowest 
level he has ever seen, with 42 percent giving 
him positive marks for his overall performance.”

Wenzel said: “Some of this has to do in 
particular with his ham-handed management of the 
recent sequester budget battle with Congress – 
and the aftermath which has shown he and his 
administration spokesmen deceived the country. 
Even some media outlets have started grilling 
administration officials over inconsistencies and 
other problems. The tide seems to have turned 
against the Obama administration, as not even a 
majority of Democrats give him positive marks for his handling of his job.”

<http://wnd.com/?p=361765>Get the bumper sticker 
that says it all, “Honk for Impeachment.”

Only 1 in 4 respondents gives Obama an excellent 
report card. Sixteen percent rate his performance 
as “good” and another 10 percent say “fair.” But 
47 percent, including 1 in 6 of the Democrats, say he’s at “poor.”

Wenzel said one of the longest lingering problems 
from the first term of the Obama administration 
is the so-called “Fast and Furious” gun-running scheme by the ATF.

“Americans are clearly looking for a scapegoat 
for this debacle, which resulted in about 100 
gunshot deaths, and 65 percent said they agree 
General Eric Holder should be impeached for his 
handling of this scandal. This number is so high 
that it is hard to see how Democrats on Capitol 
Hill can run defense for the administration on 
this one. Those who do are at serious political risk,” said Wenzel.

“Taking America Back,” Joseph Farah’s manifesto 
for sovereignty, self-reliance and moral renewal

“This figure is particularly interesting given 
that Americans seem to want to give the 
administration a reasonable amount of leeway in 
its handling of national affairs. A slim majority 
of 51 percent said they think the administration 
should have the freedom to withhold some 
information from Congress about how it is 
conducting its affairs. However, that number is a 
little deceiving, as just 19 percent said the 
administration itself should have the discretion 
to decide just what should be withheld and what 
should be disclosed. Another 23 percent said they 
think Congress should decide, and 25 percent said 
they think the federal courts should make that 
decision. Even among Democrats, just 33 percent 
said they think the Obama administration should 
have the power to decide what information should 
be withheld from the oversight of Congress,” Wenzel said.

His analysis of the Obama administration’s performance continued:

“Asked whether they approved of the Obama 
administration’s drone killings of three 
Americans who were reputed to be connected with 
terrorist operations but none of which had been 
convicted of a crime, 60 percent disagreed with those killings,” he said.

“This has got to be a big piece of the growing 
disenchantment with Obama, as 46 percent said 
they ‘strongly disagreed’ with those drone 
killings. Sen. Rand Paul’s filibuster recently 
brought this issue into the national spotlight, 
and it is clear Americans were paying attention.”

He explained: “Even after respondents were 
informed that these citizens were terrorists, 41 
percent still said they don’t believe Obama had 
the right to execute them without a court ruling 
of guilt. The American public clearly wants the 
U.S. judicial system to weigh in on such cases – 
49 percent said they would have preferred that 
these terrorists be captured and tried in court.”

Continuing to the next subject, Wenzel said, “Six 
in 10 respondents said they do not agree with 
Obama’s decision to make up his own mind about 
what is and what is not a congressional recess 
appointment. A federal court recently struck down 
several appointments to top administration jobs. 
These appointees continue to make federal policy 
despite not winning congressional approval. The 
public agrees with the federal court system that 
this is wrong. A similar percentage of 
respondents – 61 percent – said these officials should be removed from office.”

Wenzel explained: “This reflects a core American 
value of fair play and playing by the rules, and 
the Obama administration’s refusal to respect the 
Constitution and these rules. This speaks to a 
very important factor at play here – the American 
people tend to grant a president a certain amount 
of trust, but, once lost, it is very difficult to 
win that back. If Americans revoke their trust of 
Obama, he will find himself in very deep trouble.

“So far, he is safe, but only marginally so, as 
51 percent said he should not be impeached for 
this breach of the Constitution, but 43 percent 
said they think he should face impeachment over this issue.”

The dozens of “czars” that Obama has appointed 
without any congressional oversight or approval is also an issue.

“Here, 51 percent said they believe Obama should 
face impeachment over this issue,” Wenzel said.

On Obama’s fight with Arizona over enforcing 
immigration laws: “Forty-four percent said he 
should be impeached for that action and 48 
percent said he should not be impeached for it.”

On the war against Gadhafi: Forty-six percent 
endorse impeachment as punishment; 49 percent said no.

On impeachment for how the Defense of Marriage 
Act was handled: Forty percent say impeach and 52 percent said no.

There has been a flood of calls for impeachment 
lately. <http://wnd.com/?p=380045>Rock legend and 
gun-rights defender Ted Nugent said there’s “no 
question” Obama should be impeached, and he’s 
calling CNN anchor Piers Morgan an “effective 
idiot” in the battle over the Second Amendment.

Referring to Obama, Nugent says: “There’s no 
question that this guy’s violations qualify for 
impeachment. There’s no question.”

He blasted “the criminality of this government, 
the unprecedented abuse of power, corruption, 
fraud and deceit by the Chicago gangster-scammer-ACORN-in-chief.”

“It’s so diabolical,” he said.

Nugent made his comments in a recent interview with radio host Alex Jones.

And radio giant 
<http://www.wnd.com/?p=379729>Rush Limbaugh said 
on his own program that the Obama 
administration’s release of hundreds and 
potentially thousands of illegal-alien criminals 
from U.S. detention centers in connection with 
possible budget cuts is “an impeachable offense.”

“In what used to be considered (if we can 
remember this far back) normal, sane times, this 
is an impeachable offense,” Limbaugh said. “This 
is action being taken against the country. 
is sheer madness to be doing this. It is petulant, it is childish.”

<http://wnd.com/?p=367047>Even Code Pink 
co-founder Medea Benjamin called for the 
impeachment of Obama over his policy of 
permitting drone strikes on American citizens 
overseas who are members of terrorist organizations.

On <http://www.kleinonline.com>WABC Radio’s 
“Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” Benjamin 
affirmed she believes the drone warfare is an impeachable offense.

asked for it! Sign the petition urging Congress 
to impeach President Barack Obama.

Others who have broached the subject include 
Reps. Trent Franks, R-Ariz.; Walter Jones, 
R-N.C.; Trey Radel, R-Fla.; Steve Stockman; 
former Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas; former Rep. Dennis 
Kucinich, D-Ohio; Fox News’ Mike Huckabee; former 
assistant U.S. attorney Andrew McCarthy; 
left-leaning investigative reporter Dave 
Lindorff; talk-radio host Mark Levin; former 
House Speaker and presidential candidate Newt 
Gingrich; author and columnist Pat Buchanan and others.

See Denis Kucinich advocate for impeachment over Libya:

See Texas congressman lobby for impeachment over gun control:

See Andrew Napolitano talk about impeachment over the budget:

<http://wnd.com/?p=361763>WND also compiled a 
special report on the various offenses Obama is 
blamed for committing and reported what experts 
on the Constitution believe should be happening.


See detailed results of survey questions:

how would you rate the job performance of 
President Barack Obama – would you say he is 
doing an excellent job, a good job, only a fair job, or a poor job?

Obama administration has invoked executive 
privilege to block the U.S. Congress from 
receiving Justice Department documents regarding 
the loss of 2,000 firearms, most of them flowing 
freely over the Mexican border. The deaths of as 
many as 100 people, including a U.S. border 
agent, have been linked directly to those 
weapons. The U.S. House of Representatives has 
voted to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in 
contempt for refusing to respond to questions on 
the subject, but a U.S. attorney declined to 
prosecute him. Do you agree or disagree that Eric 
Holder should be impeached because of his 
management of this operation, known by the code name Fast and Furious?

United States Congress is empowered by the U.S. 
Constitution with oversight of the executive 
branch of the U.S. government. Some information, 
including that from intelligence briefings, is 
conveyed to Congress in secret and remains secret 
from the public. Other information is made 
public. Generally speaking, do you agree or 
disagree that the executive branch of the U.S. 
government should be allowed to withhold some 
documents or information about its operations 
from those in Congress who have oversight responsibilities?

a presidential administration was to keep 
information about its operations from Congress, 
who should decide what information should be withheld?

Obama administration has used missile strikes 
fired from unmanned drones to kill at least three 
United States citizens, none of which had 
renounced their citizenship or been convicted of 
a crime in any U.S. court. The administration 
received no permission to conduct these killings 
from Congress or from any federal judge or court. 
Regardless of whom these people were who were 
killed, do you agree or disagree that the Obama 
administration had the right to kill its own citizens in this manner?

citizens were all said to have links to terrorist 
activities, despite not being adjudicated by the 
courts. Knowing this, do you agree or disagree 
that the Obama administration had the right to kill these American citizens?

the Obama administration pursued and won criminal 
convictions against these people, even if in 
absentia, would you agree that following that 
legal process would then give the Obama 
administration the right to kill these American 
citizens, or would you have preferred these 
people be captured and subjected to the 
traditional U.S. court system of punishment?

you agree or disagree that President Obama 
committed an impeachable offense by ordering these U.S. citizens be killed?

U.S. Constitution provides for the president to 
fill vacancies in his administration when the 
U.S. Senate is in recess, but when the Senate is 
in session, they must confirm his nominees. But 
while the Senate was in session in January 2012, 
President Obama made what he called recess 
appointments and these people took office and 
began to take action on federal business. A 
federal court later ruled that these appointments 
violated the Constitution, but these officials 
continue in their positions. Do you agree or 
disagree that President Obama should have made these appointments?

you agree or disagree that these officials should 
remain in office making decisions after a federal 
court has ruled their appointments unconstitutional?

you agree or disagree that President Obama should 
be impeached for making these appointments in violation oo the Constitution?

Obama administration in 2010 filed a lawsuit 
against the state of Arizona to stop it from 
enforcing federal law regarding illegal 
immigrants, while at about the same time it 
declined to enforce similar federal statutes in 
so-called sanctuary cities, which had purposely 
ignored such federal laws against illegal 
immigrants. Do you agree or disagree that 
President Obama should be impeached for his handling of these situations?

June 2012, President Obama issued an executive 
order preventing the deportation of many illegal 
immigrants who were brought to this country as 
children, though Congress had not passed such a 
law allowing for such treatment of these illegal 
immigrants. Do you agree or disagree that 
President Obama should be impeached for his handling of this situation?

March 2011, the U.S. launched combat operations 
in Libya to overthrow Moammar Gadhafi, despite 
the fact that President Obama never sought or 
received congressional authorization for those 
operations, as required by the U.S. Constitution. 
At the time, Libya posed no threat to the United 
States. Do you agree or disagree that President 
Obama should be impeached for his handling of this situation?

Obama announced in 2011 that his administration 
believed the Defense of Marriage Act to be 
unconstitutional and that they would not defend 
it. The law, known as DOMA and signed into law in 
1996 by President Clinton, guarantees that states 
won’t be forced to recognize same-sex marriages 
conducted in other states. Do you agree or 
disagree that President Obama should be impeached 
for his handling of this situation?</a.

<http://wnd.com/?p=361765>Get the bumper sticker 
that says it all, “Honk for Impeachment.
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