[Rushtalk] Don't impeach Obama!!

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         It'd certainly be nice if Ms. Kidd knew the law before 
bloviating. Unfortunately, she couldn't be more wrong. I've already 
told her this and she ignores me. Here's what a retired 
Constitutional Attorney wrote:

It is not true.

Here are The Ways to get rid of sitting presidents:

1. Impeach them (Art. II, Sec. 4)
2. Remove them for mental reasons (25th Amendment, Sec. 4)
3. Get him to resign.
4. Defeat them when they run again.
5. A natural death

Americans do love their silly sensational gimmicks, don't they? Can 
the mere TRUTH compete with a silly gimmick?

It is impossible to criminally prosecute a sitting president b/c the 
prosecutors all work for him.  The President can fire the Atty 
General and the U.S. Attorneys with the stroke of a pen.

So Presidents can be criminally prosecuted only AFTER they are 
removed from office. See, e.g., Federalist Paper No. 69 (4th para).

Can you imagine being criminally prosecuted for a crime and having 
the power to fire the prosecutor and everyone on his staff?

About undoing all - ALL - of zero's acts: Congress made the laws 
which zero signed. The Senate approved zero's judicial nominations. 
Congress goes along with zero's dismantling of the military. Congress 
goes along with the buildup of the SWAT teams in the federal 
executive agencies.  zero's lawless executive orders could be ignored 
in some cases; in other cases, Congress could negate them by 
dismantling and defunding anything zero set up in the executive orders.

Zero isn't the problem: The American people are - those who elect the 
U.S. Senators and Representatives who go along with what zero does.

This silly notion that zero is not "really" president b/c he is not 
eligible, is like saying that the 16th Amendment is not binding b/c 
it wasn't properly ratified. Well, try making that argument in court 
if you are prosecuted for not paying taxes. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHETHER 
government prosecutes people all the time for not obeying their tax 
laws, the juries  - yes, juries - convict the defendants, and the 
judges smile all the way thru the trials. The judges will NOT PERMIT 
defense counsel to make the argument to the Jury that the 16th 
Amendment was not properly ratified.

WE need to deal with reality instead of silly theories.

Feel free to copy and re-post this.

Publius Huldah

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