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So much wrong with Jessie's remarks.  City is 83% black.... dunno how he can blame problems on the 10% white population?..... unless he is blaming former taxpayers for leaving.       The city has spent $15B more than it took in..... does he think  more spending is he answer?    The city hasn't had a Republican mayor since '62..... he should loose his partisan tone.  As far as threats to burn the city.... give him matches and turn off the water to the hydrants..... do the rest of Michigan a favor. 


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Did you miss the violent race riots of the 60s? 

If you're too young to remember U.S. cities burning as black rioters
set their own communities ablaze, don't worry -- it's about to happen

At least it is if the provocative threats being issued by the black
leaders in this city are followed by action ... 

Read the latest now on WND.com. 

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