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Ted Cruz’ father: Send Obama ‘back to Kenya’




Comment sends left-leaning media into frenzy

(Daily Mail) – Republican Senator Ted Cruz’s 
father has revived the birth certificate issue by 
saying that the President should be sent ‘back to Kenya, back to Indonesia’.

Rafael Cruz was speaking at an event on Fort 
Worth during his son’s Senate campaign 2012.

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During the 2012 event, the elder Mr Cruz 
denounces the Obama administrations work and goes 
on to draw on the President’s upbringing.

‘The path of this administration is to make us a 
third world country and to make us second to the 
United Nations,’ the 74-year-old Cruz is heard saying to the crowd.

He goes to espouse concerns about the United 
Nation’s sustainable development implementation 
plan called Agenda 21, and the organization’s Law 
of the Sea Treaty- both of which are lighning 
rods for conservatives who fear the overreach of 
outside organizations on national sovereignty.

‘They are pushing very hard for the United 
Nations to have taxing authority and Obama is 
very much one of the big promoters of this,’ he says.

‘We need to send Barack Obama back to Chicago. 
I’d like to send him back to Kenya, back to Indonesia.’
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