[Rushtalk] Do Not Make Fun Of Za Fuhrer!

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I guess that rules out hanging Obama in effigy.

On Saturday, November 2, 2013, John A. Quayle wrote:

>  Obama In Straightjacket Costume Gets Employees ‘Sensitivity Training’
> [image: []]
> Written By : Warner Todd Huston
> *November 1, 2013 *No one shall make fun of emperor Obama! So says a
> Kentucky hospital that forced all its employees into so-called “sensitivity
> training” after three employees entered the company Halloween costume
> contest dressed as Obama in a straightjacket being escorted by two
> policemen.
> ------------------------------
>  ------------------------------
>  [image: []]
> *The “offensive” costume *
> After the costume party, the bosses at Jennie Stuart Medical Center in
> Hopkinsville, Kentucky decided they weren’t amused when a small handful of
> employees complained about the costume contest entry. Not many must have
> been offended, though, because the costume won third place in the
> competition.
> After the party was over the “prize” was handed out by hospital
> administrators: all 750 employees had to take “sensitivity training.”
> The VP of Human Resources has also demanded that all future costumes be
> free of political, religious, ethnic or gender based subject. So, in other
> words, don’t dress up as anything.
> The story, reported by WZTV Nashville<https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151943716477290&set=a.10150258659942290.343029.73949382289&type=1>is going viral this Halloween.
> So what do you think? Funny or offensive? Yeah, like I have to ask.

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