[Rushtalk] Ghoulish Obama Says He's "Really Good at Killing People"

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Reminds me of a candidate who asked, "Is this where I get me a hunting license"?

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Ghoulish President Obama Says He’s “Really Good at Killing
People”By Onan
Coca / 4 November 2013 / 232 comments
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Is the President consciously trying to find ways to out-do himself each
morning? It feels like he may be sitting in the Oval Office of the White
House scheming about what new things he can say or do to make his
Presidency even more of a failure.

Business Insider has broken a story from a new book by Mark Halperin
and John Heilemann called Double Down which is a follow up to
their popular book from 2008 called Game Change. According to Double Down, which is a chronicle of the 2012 election, “President Barack Obama told his aides that he’s ‘really good at
killing people’ while discussing drone strikes.”

  Yeah, our President literally told the people who work for
him that he is “really good at killing people.”

Look, the issue of using drones as assassin’s in the war on terror is a
hot-button issue, and I realize a lot of good conservatives are for their
use. (I am personally opposed to our use of drones – but I’m not arguing
for or against them here.) The use of drones is not the problem with this
little “joke” – the problem with the fact that the President of the
United States would say something like this is that it illustrates for us
the aloofness that is inherent in President Obama’s character.

War, death, killing… these should be topics for serious consideration and

The folks at pitch interactive have built an interactive
timeline of the use of drones in Pakistan, and it is not


In fact Barack Obama has ordered the killings of hundreds, perhaps
thousands, of people using drones. Human rights groups believe that the USA drastically underreports the deaths by drones that occur each
year. That happens because of the amount of collateral damage that drone
strikes cause, which also happens to be the chief reason so many are
killed by drones.

Under Obama U.S. drone operators began practicing “signature strikes,” a tactic in
which targets are chosen based on patterns of suspicious behavior and the identities of those to be
killed aren't necessarily known. (The administration counts all
“military-age males” in a strike zone as combatants.)

Furthermore, the disturbing trend of the “double tap” ­ bombing the same place in
quick succession and
oftenhitting first responders ­ has become common practice… Needless to say, a lot of innocent people have been killed along with combatants.

 So although President Obama has proven to be “really good at killing
people,” the demonstration has not necessarily been noble.

And really, all of this leads us back to the real point. The
President of the United States should be dignified, gracious and
magnanimous. The President should show the character, fortitude and
culture of his nation. Our President does none of this, and his “joke” to
his aides proves this yet again. In fact, President Obama’s ability to
joke about his role in the deaths of THOUSANDS is terrifying.

Even more, it’s not really a joke… he really IS good at
killing people.

The world expects more from America and her leaders, and we should

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