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Democrat Won't Shake African-American Republican's Hand

By <http://eaglerising.com/author/onancoca/>Onan 
Coca / 5 November 2013 / 
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You could put this one down as the classic, “What 
if a Republican had done this?” Imagine if you 
will a Republican candidate for Lt. Governor in 
the great state of Virginia refusing to shake an 
African-American opponent’s hand. What do you 
think the first thing the news media might say 
about the situation? That’s right, the Republican 
would quickly be labeled a racist.

The “non-handshake” moment came on the heels of 
Republican candidate for Lt. Governor, E.W. 
Jackson, tying his opponent, Northam, to the 
Obamacare failures and implying that the Democrat 
believed that Christians had no right to oppose 
gay marriage. “
Northam believes people who do 
not embrace gay marriage have no place in 
Virginia. (One of Northam’s relevant statements 
is linked 
Jackson adds that he believes that there is 
increasing intolerance of devout Christians on 
this issue and that Northam’s statements suggest 
anti-Christian bias.” Interestingly, Northam 
didn’t dispute the attack, but simply voiced his support for gay marriage.

While Democrats and the media may think that the 
Northam’s refusal to shake his opponent’s hand 
may be no big deal, 
prominent civil rights leaders disagree.

Dr. Alveda King, the niece of the great Dr. 
Martin Luther King Jr. said, “I was saddened to 
learn today that Lt. Gov. candidate Ralph Northam 
refused to shake the hands of his opponent E.W. 
Jackson at the end of a television debate.  I am 
deeply burdened by the loss of civility in 
politics today. Refusing to shake hands with your 
opponent in front of a television audience takes 
the loss of civility to a new low
 I would hope 
that his refusal to shake hands had nothing to do 
with the color of his opponent’s skin
 It is my 
hope that in these last hours of the race, Ralph 
Northam will recognize his inappropriate behavior 
and offer an apology to E.W. Jackson and to all those he hopes to represent.”

Ken Blackwell from the ACLU seemed to think that 
this kind of behavior may disqualify Northam from 
political office. “People sometimes accuse 
politicians of being two-faced or insincere when 
they refer to bitter opponents as “my good 
friend” and pose for smiling photos with them. 
It’s not deception; it’s basic courtesy and 
respect, without which democracy cannot function.

In many countries, disagreements over policy end 
in brutal government oppression or even 
bloodshed. Politics can be so passionate with 
people clashing over views that an essential 
element of building goodwill and finding common 
ground is by working overtime to be courteous and 
complimentary. Unfortunately, Mr. Northam’s 
actions fall short of that important standard.”

For his part 
Jackson wasn’t surprised by his opponent’s lack 
of couth. "It was insulting, but, on the other 
hand, I thought it was consistent with the way he behaves.”

I hate the double standard that exists in the 
political media. Democrats get a pass for 
insulting behavior, but Republicans are treated like monsters.

I guess we shouldn’t hold our breath hoping for things to change

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