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Teacher's union head suggests Jewish parent a neo-Nazi


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Teacher's union head suggests Jewish father a neo-Nazi for ques

Teacher's union head suggests Jewish father a 
neo-Nazi for questioning assignment. (Joshua Barry)

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Teachers union head suggests parent a neo-Nazi for questioning

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November 5, 2013

Josh Barry, of Camp Hill, Penn., is hopping mad 
after the head of a local teacher’s union 
suggested he may be a 
for questioning a school assignment given to his 
eighth-grade daughter, the 
Caller reported Monday, citing a report by 
Nal. Barry, however, is Jewish, and according to 
a post at the 
Pundit, is married to a woman who is half-black.

Barry, Nal said, is a "vigilant parent" who was 
shocked when he reviewed his daughter's paperwork 
and discovered a "highly political assignment 
citing a New York Times article that blamed the 
Republicans for the government 'shutdown,' along 
with a worksheet that accompanied the article."

“Whom do you hold most responsible for the 
government shutdown?” the assignment asked. “Do 
you feel it is principled or irresponsible for 
politicians to threaten a shutdown?”

Barry contacted the teacher and heard back from the principal.

A friend of Barry’s later relayed a voicemail she 
received from another teacher named Cydnee Cohen, the Daily Caller said.

“We’re having some problems with a parent in our 
school district and on his [Facebook] page you 
are one of his friends 
 but I would like to 
know, some of it seems like he is a neo-Nazi," 
Cohen reportedly said in the voicemail.

“Maybe he is Jewish, I don’t know,” Cohen added.

Cohen, Chuck Ross said, is the president of the 
local chapter of the teacher’s union ­ the East 
Association, which is part of the Pennsylvania State Education Association.

After confirming that Barry is Jewish, Cohen sent 
text messages to the mutual friend declaring, “he 
went to bishop mcdevitt!!” and “he is 
party right wing!” Bishop McDevitt, the Daily 
Caller added, is a nearby private Catholic high school.

“How absolutely disgusting,” Barry told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“You have a teacher who’s an officer in the union 
who looks at these teachers as hers,” he added. 
“Her method is to go after the concerned parent 
and discredit and slander them.”

He also characterized the questioning as “big-time union thuggery on display.”

“She’s been taught to associate people who 
question authority, who raise their fist in the 
air who say I believe in the Constitution, or 
don’t indoctrinate my child, as you’re 
automatically a Nazi,” he said, adding that he is 
"absolutely not" a member of the Tea Party.

Cohen, however, claimed she doubted Barry was a neo-Nazi.

“When asked by a parent in the district if he was 
a neo nazi, I said I thought he was Jewish so I 
doubted it,” she told the Daily Caller on social media.

She also said the teacher's union is not involved in the incident.

“As an officer for EPEA, I make sure the teachers 
rights are protected, but we are not involved,” she added.

Barry told the Daily Caller he simply wants balance in the classroom.

“If you’re going to bring an article from the New 
York Times, throw something out there from 
somebody else,” he said. “At least give two slants that oppose each other.”

He also told Nal he is perplexed why he would be 
called a neo-Nazi, and speculated that the 
current political climate may have prompted the knee-jerk reaction.

"Mr. Barry's speculation is not without merit, as 
President Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and 
many others have made inaccurate and denigrating 
comments aimed at the Tea Party," Nal said in something of an understatement.

For some time, liberal Democrats from the 
president on down have accused the Tea Party of 
being hostage-takers, 
racists and extremists. Rep. Steve Cohen, 
D-Tenn., called members of the Tea Party 
enemies," while some in the media have called for 
military action against the small-government, 
pro-Constitution group. Others, like liberal talk 
show host 
Malloy, have gone so far as to wish death on everyone in the movement.

The PSEA did not respond to requests for comments, the Daily Caller added.
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