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Tue Nov 5 12:30:34 MST 2013

On Tue, 2013-10-22 at 14:31 -0400, Frosty wrote:

> At 10:17 AM 10/22/2013 -0700, Tom Matiska wrote:


> > 
> > Like it or not, if you're between the same Atlantic and Pacific as
> > the rest of us, you  are part of the "we".    When the train wreck
> > happens you don't get to pretend you're not on the train.  .... Tom 
> I never do.
> But _I_ didn't create this debt. I pay all my bills and don't carry
> any debt (well, except my mortgage but that's almost paid off) and I
> certainly don't owe any part of that multitrillian debt that the US
> government created/owes! I am not part of the gov't. "We" don't owe
> that debt! "They" do. 

Small matter of Al Capone tactics by government which under the IRS has
practiced them for decades when it comes to collections the IRS could
give their mentors in organized crime lessons.
They will intend to collect but if people walk away from the cities or
take up arms as father prophesied then the government will end.

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