[Rushtalk] No Reason To Whine........

John A. Quayle blueoval57 at verizon.net
Wed Nov 6 15:51:22 MST 2013

	Local hero with a concealed carry permit, shoots two armed robbers. 
Thug's family demands justice against shooter "It's not fair," said 
Virginia Medina, mother of 24-year-old William Medina, who police 
said robbed Krick's Korner store alongside 18-year-old Robert De Carr 
on Monday. The two men were shot and killed by a private citizen 
while leaving the store, and family members want to see charges 
pressed. "[William] had no right to lose his life over something that 
man could have called the police for," said Medina. "He took the law 
into his own hands and walked away scot-free." "How about if people 
just start running around here, policing the city on their own? How 
much worse is it going to get?" said Peter Ratel, Medina's cousin. 
The family members said they are hurt by comments suggesting the 
alleged robbers were "thugs." According to Medina, William was "no 
big hard criminal" and was rather a family-man who loved his young 
daughter. Robert De Carr was described similarly by his sister, 
Taylor De Carr. "My brother was a good kid."


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